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Jamie Gibbs

11 parking fails so bad it’s almost considered art


From squids to swimming pools, here are some unusual parking fails.

car underwater

1.The signs were all there


#parkingfail but 'A' for effort on just leaving it and going into the gym anyway!

A post shared by Jennifer Turchin (@jenniferturchin) on

But obviously this person didn’t see them.

2.You put your left wheel in…


Haha close enough 😜 #closeenough #parkingfail #thatwilldo

A post shared by James Byfield (@jamesbyfield1) on

Your left wheel out.

3.That's a roundabout way of doing it

Well, at least you won't have trouble finding your car. 

4. Wait for me! 

"I want to go to the beach too!"

5.The ultimate selfish park

We're not even sure where the logic is here. 

6.Bold as brass. 

Didn't realise there was a designated parking space for tubas. We'll take ours out for a drive more often. 

7.H2 Oh dear 


When you realize it's only Tuesday... #parkingfail (via @drivers.ed.dropouts)

A post shared by Pavemint (@pavemint) on

 Just drive right in.The water's great.

 8.A tyred and tested way of escaping a ticket

That's one way of getting out of it.

9.An efficient use of space

We can't see this ending well. 

10.Cephalopod parking 


Every time

A post shared by Memes (@scrillamemes) on

These spaces were specially designed for those with 8 tentacles.

11.Clever girl

“They were so preoccupied with whether they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

These images were all found using the #parkingfail hashtag on instagram and credit goes to the photographers. 


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