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How to stop condensation in your car

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To stop condensation in your car, you need to:

  • Set your blowers to full and switch the temperature to cold
  • If you have A/C, switch it on to keep the air dry
  • If your car has a heated windscreen, switch it on
  • Increase the temperature until the windows are clear

You should get rid of condensation in your car when it's parked and you're in it. You're vulnerable to theft if you leave your car unattended.

Condensation on a car window

Condensation happens when the temperature inside your vehicle is different from the outside.

Warm air from inside the car meets the cold windscreen and turns water vapour into water.

This causes windscreen fog that impedes your vision.

When you're driving, yours and any passengers’ breath can cause condensation, but it also builds up when the car is parked overnight.

A blocked pollen filter, which cleans air entering the car, could be another possible cause.

Do wet items in the car cause condensation?

Yes - leaving damp and wet things in the car can also contribute to condensation.

A wet dog towel or a soggy umbrella creates moisture in the air as it dries out, giving you more mist.

Remember to always take them out when you leave the car. 

You should also check the car to see if there’s any moisture pooling. If there is, there might be a leak somewhere in the car that you need to fix.

Here's how you stop condensation on your car windows:

  • Clean your car's windscreen inside and out. Use a cleaner that's designed for car windows, and polish them with a clean microfibre cloth. Newspaper should work for this too. 
  • Wash your car to get rid of dirt particles that attract moisture.
  • Get rid of any damp items.
  • Leave your car windows open for a few hours.

You could also leave a portable dehumidifier overnight to reduce the amount of condensation in the morning. 

There are several ways you can get rid of moisture in your car:

  • Portable dehumidifiers 
  • Cat litter in tights
  • Silica gel pellets 
  • Open your car windows

Car moisture absorber bags or dehumidifiers are bags filled with silica gel that you place on your dashboard. Some claim to absorb over 400ml of moisture.

You could also try stuffing an old pair of tights or socks with cat litter. Given that cat litter is designed to absorb moisture and unwanted smells, it could actually be a cost-effective way of stopping condensation.

You can also buy silica gel pellets. These could be more effective than cat litter, but are likely more expensive.

Letting the car air out when you can might also help. So, if it's dry and you're able to leave the windows open for a while, then do. 

You should make sure your windscreen is fully clear before you set off.

What our motor insurance expert says:

“Not only is car condensation a pain, but, if it stops you getting a clear view of the road, it’s also illegal.

“The Highway Code states that windscreens and windows must be kept clean and free from obstructions to vision. The Road Traffic Act also says that you must have a clear view of the road and traffic ahead.

"If you’re caught or cause an accident because you don’t have a proper view of the road, you could get a fine and points on your licence. It’s likely you’d get an MS60 conviction too which could increase your annual car insurance price to £1,528*."

*Confused.com data January 23 - December 23. Comprehensive policies only.

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