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Contents insurance

You could get contents insurance
for as little as £60*

An assortment of household possessions that need insurance

Need help with contents insurance?

*40% of customers were quoted less than £60 for a contents insurance policy (Sept '15 - Feb '16)

What does contents insurance cover? While it isn't compulsory, contents insurance can offer protection for your valuables.

  • It's a policy designed to secure your belongings against theft, loss and damage
  • Typically it insures items like your electrical goods, furniture and clothes
  • Some policies could also extend this cover to include the contents of your garden shed
  • If you're a tenant renting a house or flat it could cover your personal possessions or any furniture that you may own

Want to cover expensive items? If you've a valuable family heirloom, high-powered gadget or an antique that you want to cover, you may need to list them separately as single, high-value items. Some insurers could also offer a more specialist high value contents insurance policy for items of significant worth.

Most policies usually fall into one of two types - new for old and indemnity. Try reading our guide to insuring your possessions if you'd like to know more.

What do you need to get a quote?

Getting a quote normally takes about 8 minutes, but having the following at hand could speed up your quote:
  • Your property’s build date - we will often prefill this for you, but you can find the actual date in your mortgage survey or home buyer’s report

  • The date your house was bought or when you moved in 

  • Which locks and alarms are fitted - we provide useful lock pictures to help you out, or check out our locks guide

  • Details and cost of any claims you’ve made in the last five years - this will be stated in your renewal documents, alternatively contact your current insurer

  • Your house’s rebuild cost - we will often prefill this for you, but you can also read our guide on how you could calculate it yourself, or you can hire a chartered surveyor to carry out an assessment

  • The total cost of your personal belongings - if you don’t know this, remember you can use our contents calculator

  • The details of any items worth over £1,000, that you wish to insure

Do I really need contents insurance? Without insurance you run the risk of being left out of pocket in the event of a theft or disaster.

Getting cover for your belongings could save you money if you suffer a loss.

  • 1 in 5 homes do not have contents cover, putting an average of £14,000 at risk*

  • 25% of households with cover are underinsured by an average of £20,000*

  • Underinsuring your belongings could lead to your insurer scaling down a claim

*Figures calculated by Direct Line