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Do learner drivers need insurance?

This depends on how you're learning to drive.

If you're learning in an instructor's car you don't need insurance. Your teacher should have driving instructor insurance to cover you.

If you're learning in your own car, or the car of someone you know, then you'll need some type of learner driver insurance.

Making sure you're properly insured is crucial. Get caught without cover and you could be fined £1,000 and given 6 points on your licence.

What's the best way to insure a learner driver?

There are 2 main ways to fully insure a learner driver:

  • Covers you for up to 12 months, allowing you to drive whenever you want, as long as you're supervised
  • Can be updated to a full licence policy once you passthough you'll need to pay an extra fee to do this
  • Allows you to build up your no claims bonus while you learn, which can help cut your insurance costs
  • Can be cheaper than temporary insurance, which is usually more expensive per hour
  • Allows you to choose how long you're insured for, with policies that last from 1 hour up to 28 days
  • Doesn't tie you into a 12 month policy, like annual policies, which can be ideal if you don't have a car yet
  • Counts as a standalone policy, so if you're learning in someone else's car, you wont impact their insurance
  • Gives you fully comprehensive cover, protecting both your car and that of a third party if you crash

What our expert says

"If you're practicing your driving with a parent or friend then you'll need to arrange insurance before you start. As a new driver, navigating the world of insurance for the first time can be overwhelming. But we're here to help you choose the option that best suits your needs, and your budget of course!"

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at Confused.com
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How do I compare quotes?

You can compare learner driver insurance quotes with us in 3 quick steps.

If you're looking to get a quote for a standard 12-month policy, it takes about 5 minutes.

Number 1 icon

Tell us about yourself

We need to know about you, your car and where you keep it. We'll also need the details of any named drivers you want on the policy.

Number 2 icon

Choose your cover level

Tell us what cover you want. this could be fully comprehensive, third-party fire and theft, or third-party only.

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Let us find you a great deal

Once we've got your details, we'll compare insurance quotes from up to 163 trusted insurers1 to find you our best deal.

Compare car insurance for learner drivers with a provisional licence

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Can I just be insured as a named driver?

If you're learning in someone else's car, you could just insure yourself as a named driver on their car insurance policy.

This can work out cheaper than taking out your own policy, but it does come with drawbacks.

You won't be the main policyholder

This means you can't use the car as much as them. If you do, you could be accused of fronting, which is illegal.

You won't build up a no claims bonus

Named drivers don't build up a no claims bonus. As an NCB can help bring your insurance costs down, this can be a major drawback of being a named driver.

You might make the policy pricier

Adding a named driver can impact how much the main policyholder pays for their insurance. You can also affect their NCB if you need to make a claim, which can further impact what they pay. Make sure they're aware of this before adding you.

What happens after I pass my test?

Once you've passed your test, your learner driver insurance will no longer cover you. You'll then need to make sure you have the right cover in place before you hit the road. How you do this depends on the type of insurance you took out as a learner driver.

Annual car insurance

If you insured yourself as a learner on an annual policy, you'll need to tell your insurer you've now passed your test. As you now hold a different type of licence, you'll likely be charged to update your policy from a provisional to a full licence one.

If you're unhappy with the price your insurer quotes you to do this, another option is to cancel your policy with them and take out another policy with another insurer.

Just be aware that you may be charged a cancellation fee to do so.

Temporary car insurance

If you timed your temporary policy to end after your test, you have two options: Take out a full annual policy as a full licence holder. Or, take out another temporary policy as a full licence holder until you're ready to buy an annual one.

If you still have time left on your temporary learner policy, you'll need to contact your insurer and tell them you've passed. If you don't, you won't be properly insured.

They may charge you a fee to change your policy to a full licence one.

Named driver car insurance

If you insured yourself as a named driver on someone else's policy, and want to remain as a named driver, the policyholder will need to phone the insurer and tell them you've passed. You'll likely have to pay an additional fee to change your policy to a full licence one.

If you're with the price your insurer quotes you to do this, you could ask to be removed from the policy. You'll then have to take out your own policy.

Just be aware of any cancellation fees you may be charged to do this.

Learn more about changing your car insurance policy

Compare car insurance for learner drivers with a provisional licence

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How much is learner driver insurance?

Average cost of learner driver insurance:.

Annual car insurance


Temporary 1 day


Temporary 1 week


Temporary 1 month


*Confused.com data Jan-March 2024.

2Average cost of temporary insurance based on Confused.com data, February 2024.

It costs £1,006* on average to insure a learner driver under an annual policy.

This is higher than the average cost of car insurance, which sits at £941***.

For temporary insurance, the average for 1 day of cover is £452, a week costs £562 on average and a month of cover will set you back an average of £862.

Generally, learner driver insurance is more expensive than the average due to learner drivers' lack of experience behind the wheel. This makes them statistically more likely to be involved in an accident.

Learner cover also tends to be taken out by younger drivers, who make more expensive claims than older drivers. Insurers factor this into the prices they offer you, and learners pay more for their cover as a result.

*** Confused.com price index Q1 2024.

How can I get cheaper provisional insurance?

Consider comprehensive cover

Despite offering you a higher level of cover, fully comprehensive car insurance tends to be cheaper than third party cover. In fact, our data shows that, when looking at holders of all licences (not just provisional ones) a fully comprehensive policy costs £980* on average. This is significantly lower than the cost of a third party only policy, which sits at an average of £2,174*.

Choose a low-group car

If you've yet to buy a car, think about getting one in a low insurance group. Car insurance companies assign all cars a group from 1-50. Generally, the higher the car insurance group, the more expensive your insurance is. Check your car insurance group here.

Try black box insurance

Black box policies use an app or a device installed in your car to monitor your driving. If you're a safe, responsible driver, this will be shown in the data your device collects, and you could be offered cheaper insurance as a result.

Increase your voluntary excess

Voluntary excess is the amount you’re willing to pay towards the cost of any claims you make. Sometimes, choosing a higher excess can lead to lower insurance costs. Just remember to opt for an excess you could realistically afford to pay if you needed to make a claim. The most popular excess amount taken out by our customers is £250*.

Pay in one lump sum

Choosing to pay for your insurance annually instead of monthly could help you save money. Our shows that those paying annually for their policies paid 38%* less on average than those paying monthly. If you can afford it, it can be a smart way to save.

Add a named driver

Adding a named driver to your policy, especially an experienced one with a good driving history, can sometimes help to bring your insurance costs down. Just make sure whoever is using the car the most is insured as the main policyholder.

*Confused.com data Jan-March 2024.

What add-ons can I get with my learner driver cover?

Your learner insurance can allow you to enhance your cover with optional add-ons, these are also available once you pass your test. These extras come at an additional cost and are only available with an annual policy, so think about what you need before buying your cover. Some of the most popular extras include:

Breakdown cover

These policies offer protection if your car breaks down at the roadside. There are different levels of cover available to choose from, depending on what you need.

Personal accident cover

You can use this cover to pay compensation if you suffer an injury in a road accident, even if you're at fault. It also pays a lump sum if you die in a car accident.

Windscreen cover

Windscreen cover can pay for the repair or replacement of your car's windows and mirrors if they're damaged. Some fully comprehensive policies include it as standard. But not all do.

Legal expenses cover

This could help you recover certain uninsured losses. Depending on the policy, it can include the cost of a solicitor, medical treatment or travel costs.

Compare car insurance for learner drivers with a provisional licence

Get a short-term quote

Frequently asked questions

Does learner driver insurance cover me for my driving test?

Yes. If you need to take your test in your own car, or a friend or family member's car, you should be covered by your learner driver insurance.

If you're doing your test in an instructor's car, you don't need insurance as the instructor will have this covered. 

What if I've been convicted and made to re-do my test?

In this case, you may need to look at convicted driver insurance as standard insurers might not cover you.

There are options available but they're likely to be limited and cost more. Your choices depend on the type of conviction and whether it's spent or not.

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