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Temporary business car insurance

Short-term business cover for 1 hour to 28 days

  • Get instant cover for all your immediate business needs

  • Flexible insurance with no lengthy contracts

  • Buy your policy up to 30 days in advance

What is temporary business car insurance?

It’s a short-term car insurance policy that lets you use your car for work-related driving. This could be for a one-off business trip or going to meetings at a different office – any travel that’s outside your usual commute.

You can get instant cover for as little as 1 hour to 28 days.

If you're looking to cover your vehicle on an annual basis, you'll need a standard business car insurance policy.

How does temporary business car insurance work?

With short-term business cover, you only pay for the time you need, meaning ultimate flexibility and a clear idea of costs. You can get covered instantly, or choose to have the policy start up to 30 days in advance. This gives you the chance to plan ahead and be organised. When your policy expires, your cover ends. If you need longer, you can take out another policy to give you additional hours or days needed.

You’ll get your instant quote through our trusted partner Tempcover.com.

Here are some of the benefits of short-term business car insurance:

  • Instant cover
  • Comprehensive cover as standard on all policies
  • Flexible cover with insurance from 1 hour up to 28 days
  • You only pay for the cover you need
  • No risk to yours or the car owner's existing no-claims bonus

We also provide temporary business van insurance with the same benefits.

When might you need short-term business car insurance?

You’ll need business car insurance if you use your car for work-related reasons as well as your usual commute. If you only need a short-term solution, then temporary business car insurance can be an ideal choice.

You can take out a policy to cover you on an hourly, daily or weekly basis – for up to 28 days at a time. So whether it's a one-off business need or running over a few weeks, it offers flexibility while also having the security of knowing you've got the right level of cover in place.

Hourly business car insurance could help you if you need to attend a one-off business meeting or briefly visit another job site.

Daily car insurance might help if you need to attend a conference, event or training course that lasts a couple of days.

Weekly car insurance is good for situations where you’ll need to spend at least a week working at another location, perhaps for training or as part of an onsite project.

If you plan to use your car for business purposes temporarily, it's worth checking if your standard annual car insurance covers your intended business use.

This is important because if you have an accident doing business related driving, your standard car insurance policy might not cover you. You could even be charged with driving without a license so it's always best to check with your current provider first.

Find short-term business car insurance from our partner Tempcover

What’s covered by temporary business car insurance?

Our policies are offered through our partner Tempcover and are fully comprehensive – if you’re involved in an accident, you, your car and third parties are covered.

With a short-term business car insurance policy, you'll get:

  • Cover for accidental or malicious damage to your car
  • Legal liability cover
  • Driving in the EU, depending on the policy

Always check the policy wording as what's covered can vary.

What’s not covered?

Certain things aren't covered including:

  • Driving other vehicles
  • Additional drivers
  • Claims that happen outside of the car's stated use

Driving other vehicles. Only the car listed under the policy is insured. To drive another car, consider annual business cover.

Additional drivers. Only the person named on the policy is covered to drive the car.

Claims that happen outside of the car's stated use. Temp business car insurance can’t be used as temporary cover if the car is integral to someone’s job, like for couriers or delivery drivers. You'd need specialist commercial car insurance instead.

How much does temporary business car insurance cost?

How much you pay for cover mainly depends on:

  • Your age
  • Your driving experience
  • The car you want to insure and its value
  • How long you'll need short-term business cover for

It may also be beneficial to know what class of use you and your vehicle come under as you might be asked this buy the inurer. The best way to get an idea of how much you’ll pay is to get a quote.

Who can get temporary business car insurance?

To be eligible for short-term business car insurance, you'll need:

  • A UK address
  • A full UK driving licence, held for at least 6 months
  • To be aged between 18 and 80

What our expert says

The price of insurance and how you use your vehicle is something you could look at to cut costs for your company. You could save time and money by getting short-term cover for your car only when you need it, giving you the flexibility to pursue all your business needs without a lengthy contract.

Louise Thomas - Car insurance, personal Finance, mortgage and life insurance expert signature

Louise Thomas

Car insurance product manager

What will I need to get a temporary business car insurance quote?

To get a quote you'll need to give us some details about:

Your cover:

  • How long you need the cover for
  • When you want the policy to start

Your car:

  • Make and model
  • Approximate value


  • Your age
  • How long you’ve held your driving licence
  • Your address

Need more help?

Can I get temporary hire and reward insurance for a car?

No, hire and reward insurance is only available through us as annual cover. You’ll need hire and reward insurance if you’re going to use your car as a paid delivery driver, to deliver other people's goods or parcels.

Can temporary business car insurance cover a small van?

No, if you’re going to be temporarily driving a small van for business purposes, you’ll need temporary business van insurance rather than business car insurance.

Does temporary business car insurance cover food delivery?

Temporary business car insurance won’t cover you to use your car as a food delivery driver. You’d need to buy a specialist commercial car insurance policy for food delivery. Temporary business car insurance covers you for work-related travel that’s outside your normal commute.

Is there a limit to how many times I can buy a temporary business car insurance policy in a year?

There’s no limit to how many times you can buy temporary business car insurance in a year. But if you need to insure your car for business use regularly, it could be cheaper to buy annual business car insurance instead.

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