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Multi bike motorcycle insurance

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Multi bike quotes are provided by our partner BeMoto.

What is multi bike insurance?

Multi-bike insurance allows a rider to insure themselves for multiple bikes on a single policy.

This can be quicker and easier than taking out a separate motorbike insurance policy for each bike. And it can sometimes work out cheaper, too.

Some insurers put a cap on the number of bikes you can cover. But our partner BeMoto allows you to cover as many as you like on a single, easy-to-manage policy.

What multi-bike insurance isn’t, though, is a way to cover multiple riders under 1 policy. It doesn’t work like multi-car insurance.

If you’re looking to cover more than 1 rider, call your insurer to see how they can help.

Or get a quote and find cover that suits all of you in a few quick minutes.

The benefits of multi bike insurance

  • It’s simple, all of your motorbikes are on 1 policy. You don’t have to juggle several renewal dates, or multiple sets of paperwork.
  • It’s convenient, easier to update your policy if your circumstances change, and cheaper as you won't have to pay admin fees.
  • Multi bike = multi buy: as you have multiple bikes under 1 policy, you may be able to make a saving as you’re essentially bulk-buying insurance.

Why multi bike insurance could be for you

If you have several motorbikes, you need to insure each one if you want to be able to ride them on the road.

For example, you might use a 50cc motorcycle to commute during the week and have a 125cc motorbike, or even a classic motorcycle, for weekend riding.

This can mean a lot of paperwork for you, and a lot of time spent looking for the best quotes.

With separate policies, you could also end up spending a lot on insurance.

A multi bike policy could save you time and money.

That’s because all your motorbikes are insured on the same policy, meaning 1 application, 1 lot of paperwork and 1 insurance price to pay.

You also have just 1 no-claims bonus (NCB) across all your bikes.

With separate policies, you have a separate NCB for each bike, which could mean less discount for you, and a lot more to keep track of.

Compare multi bike insurance quotes

What does multi bike insurance cover?

Multi bike insurance covers 1 rider for several bikes.

As with single motorbike insurance, there are 3 levels of cover available:

  • Third Party
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft
  • Comprehensive
  • Third-party is the minimum amount of cover you’re legally required to have. While you might think this would be the cheapest option for riders, that’s not always the case. It’s a basic level of cover that covers damage to other vehicles and property as the result of an accident that’s deemed your fault.

    It doesn’t cover your motorcycle for repairs or replacements if it’s stolen, damaged or involved in an accident.

  • Third-party, fire and theft gives you the same level of cover as with third-party. It also covers repair or replacement costs if it’s stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive offers one of the highest levels of protection. As well as covering other people and their property in the event of an accident, you’re also covered for damage to your motorcycle.

What our multi bike insurance includes

We've partnered with BeMoto to provide you with a great value multi bike deal that includes legal expenses cover and 90 days' EU cover for all your motorbikes.

  • BeMoto use a team of motorbike specialists, so they know how to get you a great deal on your motorbike insurance.
  • There’s no amendment fee. You can change your policy whenever you need to. You can change a motorbike, add a new motorbike, add a modification, change jobs or move home – all for no admin fee. The insurer passes on any change in price, though.
  • BeMoto will cover pretty much any bike. You can mix classics and superbikes, trikes and scooters, quads and modified bikes. You can even include laid-up, SORN and unregistered bikes on the same multi bike policy. And there's no limit to the number of motorbikes you can cover.
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Multi bike insurance extras and add-ons

You can add several extras to a multi bike policy, including:

Motorbike breakdown cover, providing you with roadside assistance.

Motor legal protection, helping you with legal costs following an accident.

Lock and key cover can cover the loss and replacement of your motorbike’s keys.

Motorbike kit cover, including helmets, meaning your motorbike clothing is covered if it’s damaged in an accident.

Riding other bikes, so you can be covered when riding a friend’s bike.

Compare multi bike insurance quotes

When multi bike might not be the best option

Before taking out cover, you need to be sure that a multi bike policy works for you. It's always worth comparing your multi bike quote with the cost of insuring each bike individually to make sure you’re paying the cheapest price. But there are other things to think about too, like:

  • If you have more than 1 rider on the policy
  • If you need a range of extras
  • Comparing the costs

If you have more than 1 rider on the policy it might push up the road risk for the motorbikes, so the cost could go up. A multi bike policy might not work out as cheaper than insuring the bikes separately.

If you need a range of extras, such as breakdown cover or legal expenses, it could push up your overall price. This is because you’re adding each extra to multiple bikes.

If you’re adding extras to a policy, some will cover you and all your motorbikes, while others might cover just a single motorbike. You might find that you need to buy them several times. This is often where multi bike insurance works out cheaper overall.

What you need to get a multi bike policy quote

You can get a multi bike insurance quote in just a few minutes. Having the following information to hand makes it even quicker and easier:

Motorbike details:

Personal details:

  • The type of motorbike licence you have and how long you’ve had it
  • How you’ll use your bikes
  • Estimated yearly mileage
  • Any claims or convictions you’ve had
  • The motorbike security devices you have
  • Any additional rider’s details
  • If you need any extras, such as pillion cover, breakdown cover or helmet & leathers cover

Need more help?

Can I add additional riders to my multi bike insurance policy?

Yes, you can. But it might cost you more. Multi bike insurance covers one rider for several motorbikes. It’s competitively priced because only one bike be on the road at any one time. Some multi bike insurance providers will allow you to add a named rider to your policy, but your price might well increase. You could be better off with a standard motorbike insurance policy.

How do I claim on my multi bike insurance policy?

Speak to your insurance provider. Their contact details will be on your policy document, or you can find them on their website.

How many motorbikes can I insure on one policy?

As many as you want. Some insurance providers have a cap on the number of bikes you can have on a multi bike policy, but BeMoto doesn’t have a limit.

Is multi bike insurance suitable for a motorcycle collector?

Yes. If you intend to keep growing your collection, look for an insurance provider without a limit on the number of bikes you can have on your policy.

How are my multi bike insurance premiums calculated?

One of the reasons a multi bike insurance policy can save you money is that you only need full road liability cover for one bike at a time - the one you're riding. Other bikes listed on the policy only need fire and theft cover when not being used.

That doesn’t leave you and your bikes at risk though -you’re still insured to ride all your bikes. But as you can only ride one at a time, BeMoto picks the highest risk bike to generate your price. It then adds any other bikes to the policy based on a percentage of their value. Once all bikes are added, this gives you your total policy cost.

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What our motorbike insurance expert says

A new addition to the family is always welcome, but as with a child, a new motorbike brings its own challenges, such as another insurance policy and renewal date to remember, on top of the additional cost. A multi-bike policy helps with all that, covering all your bikes on one policy and allowing you to add or remove them when you need, along with reducing the cost of insuring each motorbike.
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Jack Cox

Motorbike insurance product manager

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