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Multi bike insurance – when one motorbike just isn’t enough.

Multi bike insurance does exactly what it says on the tin. All your motorbikes are insured on the same policy and you pay one insurance premium. 

Many bikers reach that point in their biking life where they convince themselves (or their partner) that another motorbike is a great idea. After all, if one bike is good, then two must be better!

But the more motorbikes you have, the more it costs to keep them road-legal and available to ride, which means every single motorcycle needs to be insured.

If you use a commuter motorcycle during the week and have a sports bike or a classic motorcycle for weekend riding, you could save a chunk of money by using a multi bike policy.

We've partnered with BeMoto to provide you with a great value multi bike deal which includes legal expenses cover and 90 days' EU cover for all your motorbikes.

BeMoto have a team of motorbike specialists who can get you the best deal on your garage of motorbikes, whether you have two bikes or ten.

On top of that, they don't charge an ‘amendment fee’ if you want to make a change to your policy at any time. So you can change a motorbike, add a new motorbike, add a modification, change jobs or move home and you won't pay an admin fee (they will pass on any change in insurer premium though).

BeMoto will cover pretty much any bike on a multi bike policy. You can mix classics and superbikes, trikes and scooters, quads and modded bikes. You can even include laid-up, SORN and unregistered bikes on the same multi bike policy, and there's no limit to the number of motorbikes you can cover.

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How multi bike insurance can save you money

A multi bike policy can often save you some cash because you can only ride one motorbike at a time.

When you insure your motorbike, your ‘road risk’ is the amount of time you spend on the road, and it affects your premium. With a multi bike policy your 'road risk' for each motorcycle is reduced, simply because you can't ride two bikes at once. Since only one bike is at risk of an accident at any one time, the cost of insuring the others is less.

In addition, your no-claims bonus (NCB) can only be used on one motorbike policy at a time, meaning every time you get an additional motorbike you have to start again from scratch. With multi bike there's only one policy so your NCB counts for the lot.

If you insure each bike separately, you’ll miss out on these savings, and have to pay full price for each of your additional motorcycles.

How multi bike insurance works

Multi bike insurance policies work in the same way as a normal motorbike policy, it’s just that you insure all your bikes at once, with one premium to pay.

You’ll still decide on the level of cover you need: third-party; third-party, fire and theft; or comprehensive. You’ll also declare what you’ll use your motorbikes for – social, commuting or business.

There are similarities to multi-car policies, although multi-car policies tend to be designed for families and so will normally have more than one named driver. Multi-bike policies normally only have one named rider, which is why they could save you a penny or two.

What multi bike insurance covers

BeMoto's multi bike insurance policy covers all of your motorbikes at the same time. There is no limit to the number of motorbikes you can cover on your policy, and they won't charge an administration fee if you change one of your bikes or buy another one to add to the policy (although your insurance premium may change).

Your premium will be based on the most expensive motorcycle to insure, while each additional motorcycle will add an extra amount to your premium. The amount depends on various factors such as the age and value of the additional motorbike. A classic motorcycle might add less than £20 to the premium, while a £25,000 superbike will add considerably more.

A multi bike policy allows you to mix many types of motorbikes, and BeMoto will happily cover mopeds, trikes, quads, dirt bikes and more. You can even cover laid-up and unregistered motorcycles along with heavily modified motorbikes which other providers may not quote for.

BeMoto's multi bike policy includes legal expenses and 90 days' EU cover as standard, with the option to add extra cover, such as motorbike breakdown or personal injury which will cover you regardless of the motorbike you're riding.

The other benefits of multi bike insurance

Simplicity: because you have one policy for all your motorbikes, you won’t have to juggle several renewal dates, or multiple sets of paperwork. Less admin for you means more time on the road.

Convenience: it’s easier to update your policy if your circumstances change, and much cheaper since you won't have to pay multiple administration fees.

Multi-bike = multi-buy: as you have multiple bikes under one policy, you’ll also make a saving because you’re essentially bulk buying insurance.

Sometimes multi bike isn’t the best option

As with any insurance policy, you need to be sure that a multi bike policy works for you.

For example, a multi bike policy might not be cheaper if you have more than one rider on the policy. This is because a second rider will increase the 'road risk' to the motorbikes, so the cost will rise accordingly.

It's always worth comparing your multi bike quote with the cost of insuring each bike individually to make sure you’re paying the cheapest price, assuming you have the time.

When doing this you should remember to factor in the cost of any extras you might need, such as breakdown cover or legal expenses. That’s because adding these to each policy can massively increase the premium you pay overall.

Some of these add-ons will cover you (and any motorcycle you ride) so you’ll only need them once, while others will just cover a single motorbike, so you’ll need to buy them multiple times. This is often where multi bike insurance works out cheaper overall.

What our expert says:

"A wise man once said you can never have too many motorbikes."
“This may or may not be true, but if you want to ride them all, multi-bike insurance might be the answer. You could save quite a bit of cash, as well as reducing the insurance paperwork, giving you more time to be out riding."
Jac Morris motorbike insurance product manager signature
Jac Morris, Motorbike Insurance Product Manager

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