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  • Help protect yourself against unexpected costs while travelling to multiple countries

  • Get cover for adventure activities like scuba diving and skiing

*The cheapest policy for a European backpacker trip based on 1 adult aged 30, with no previous medical conditions travelling for 1 month. Based on data, correct as of April 2024.

What is backpacker travel insurance?

Backpacker travel insurance is designed to cover you for an extended trip to multiple countries. Single trip and annual travel insurance generally cover you for up to 31 days per trip. But backpacker insurance can cover you for one trip lasting up to 18 months.

Backpacker insurance is available for individuals or groups. Whether you're taking a gap year or simply taking a break to explore the world, a backpacker travel insurance policy makes sure you're covered.

Do I need backpacker insurance?

If you plan on travelling for more than 31 days and want to visit multiple countries on your trip, you should consider backpacker insurance. This includes going interrailing around Europe. Backpacking is associated with higher risk than regular travel, as you might be away longer and taking part in more dangerous activities. Standard travel insurance doesn't normally include enough cover for these types of trips.

Check the entry requirements of the countries you're travelling to, though. Some, like Cuba, require proof of an active travel insurance policy or you'll be refused entry.

How do I compare backpacker travel insurance quotes?

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1Correct as of March 2024

How much does backpackers travel insurance cost?

The price of your holiday insurance will depend on several factors, including how long you're planning on travelling for:

Length of trip Cost2
1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months
18 months

2The cheapest backpacker policies based on 1 adult aged 30, with no previous medical conditions travelling in Europe. Correct as of April 2024.

What impacts the price of backpacker insurance?

  • What countries you're visiting: Some countries charge more for medical care. Others are further away and include longer or multiple flights that risk being delayed or cancelled. Your insurance price reflects this.
  • How long you're travelling for: The longer you're away, the higher your chance of becoming ill or injured. This increases the chance of you claiming on your insurance, increasing the price.
  • Additional cover: Including extras like gadget insurance would increase the amount of cover you get. So, it costs more.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions: These can mean you're more likely to need medical care during your trip. So, while you should still be able to get cover for most conditions, it typically costs more.
  • Your age: Travel insurance companies sometimes impose an upper age limit, or offer specialist policies for those over a certain age. This is because the older you are, the more at risk you are of illness or injury.

What does backpacker insurance cover?


Your policy should cover:

  • Medical treatment and repatriation in case you become ill or injured overseas.
  • Loss, damage or theft or your personal belongings such as money, luggage or travel documents.
  • Delays and cancellations if your flights or travel arrangements are disrupted or your trip is cut short.
  • Returning home for short periods is normally covered by backpackers policies.
  • Working and volunteering abroad is often covered, so you're covered for things like injuries or damage that occur while you're working.

It won't normally cover:

  • Travelling against government advice. If you travel against the advice of the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), you're not covered by new or active travel insurance policies.
  • Incidents that occur under the influence or drugs or alcohol.
  • Injury following reckless activity. If you're injured from reckless or illegal behaviour, you aren't covered by your travel insurance.
  • Undeclared pre-existing medical conditions. Any pre-existing medical conditions should be declared when buying a policy. Otherwise, treatment for them or issues associated with them is unlikely to be covered.

What our travel insurance expert says

"It's important to consider buying your backpacker travel insurance as soon as you book your trip. This way, you're covered even in the run-up to your trip for things like flights or tour cancellations."
Alvaro Iturmendi - travel insurance expert
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How does it work?

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Choosing the right backpacker insurance policy

When you get a quote for backpackers insurance, you can tailor the policies to suit your needs. It's worth considering the following when filling out the quote form:

Couples travel insurance

If you're travelling with a partner that you live with, a couples backpacking policy might be cheaper than taking out individual ones.

Group travel insurance

If you're travelling with a group, it can be cheaper to buy a group travel policy than individual ones. However, you should make sure the policy offers sufficient cover for each traveller.

Winter sports travel insurance

If you're planning on taking part in any winter sports activities, like skiing, while you're backpacking, you might need additional cover. These activities are considered high-risk, so are often excluded from standard insurance.

Adventure travel insurance

If activities like skydiving or scuba diving are on your backpacking itinerary, a standard travel insurance policy might not offer enough cover. So, you may need to add adventure sports cover to your policy.

Can I get backpacker travel insurance if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, as long as you declare any pre-existing medical conditions, you should still be able to find cover.

Medical conditions that could fall into this category include heart conditions, cancer, strokes and respiratory conditions.

However, some insurers may not cover travellers with multiple conditions or certain serious conditions. Others might only offer insurance at a much higher price.

If you can't find suitable cover, the Money and Pension Service (MaPS) has a directory of insurers willing to cover customers with pre-existing medical conditions.

Travel insurance for popular backpacking destinations


Australia is one of the most popular destinations for Brits heading off on a backpacking adventure.


The USA's vast national parks, city breaks, road tripping opportunities and beaches means there's something for everyone.


Often voted one of the best destinations for backpackers, Thailand is always a popular choice for Brits.

Schengen Area

If you're planning on interrailing, you might be heading to countries within the Schengen Area.

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What are the different types of travel insurance?

How do I claim on my travel insurance when I'm abroad?

You should keep a note of your policy number and any contact information for your insurer when travelling.

If you need to claim for medical expenses, it's important to contact your insurance company as soon as you can. Ideally, this would be before agreeing to any treatment to make sure you're covered. Keep copies of all medical forms and bills to give to your insurer.

If you're the victim of a crime, most insurers require a police report within 24 hours. The police will provide you with a crime reference number that you should give to your insurer.

If your luggage has been lost and you need to replace any items, you may have to pay for replacements upfront and claim the cost back. Keep receipts for anything you buy as your insurer will need to see them to validate your claim.

Need more help?

Do you have any extra advice for backpackers?

Here’s what you should think about before going travelling:

  • Check visa requirements for the countries you plan to visit. Some countries require visas on arrival, so ensure you have the necessary documents before departing.
  • Remember to get any necessary vaccinations, including Covid-19 vaccinations. Check with your GP for any additional jabs you might need like yellow fever or rabies. You might need to get some well in advance of your trip, so plan accordingly.
  • Tell your bank you're going overseas to avoid any issues with flagged transactions that could result in your card being blocked.
  • Contact your mobile phone provider to check for any potential overseas charges. Be cautious when using free Wi-Fi abroad, especially for confidential or banking transactions.
  • Show respect for different countries and their customers by researching them before your trip.
  • Learn common phrases in the country's national language, such as "please" and "thank you".
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