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08 Mar 2019
Jamie Gibbs Jamie Gibbs

Driving fine calculator


Check how much you could be fined for these common driving misdemeanors.

Did you know it's an offence to splash a pedestrian while driving? Or to warn another driver about a speed trap?

Maybe, maybe not. But around one in six drivers admit that they're unsure whether many offences are illegal or just a faux pas.

And it's this confusion that leads many motorists to getting a fine for an offence they didn't even know existed.

Driving offence checklist

In order to clear things up, this driving offence checklist shows you just how much you could be fined if you commit these driving offences. Select all the offences that apply to you and hit 'Show me the results'.

It's worth noting that not all of these are offences in their own right, but are contributing factors under offences such as 'driving without due care and attention'. This usually happens if you're stopped by the police or are involved in an accident.

For more information on how these offences work, check out our guide.