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Family travel insurance

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1Correct as of March 2024

What is family travel insurance?

Family travel insurance covers up to 2 adults living at the same address and up to 8 children. The children included don't normally have to live at the same address as the 2 adults. So, you can include step-children, fostered and adopted children. Most insurers only cover children up to the age of 18, although some will extend this if your child is in full-time education.

The adults on the policy don't need to be married or in a civil partnership, just living together. Always check your policy details to make sure you and your family are covered.

What are the benefits of family travel insurance?

It's more convenient

A family holiday insurance policy means you only have to keep track of one policy and one payment. Phew! When you're away, you only have to worry about having one set of policy documents. If you need to make a claim, you only have one claim to make.

It's often cheaper

Having a family doesn't have to mean expensive travel insurance. If you're looking to insure 2 adults and multiple children, a family policy is often cheaper than individual travel insurance policies. Family travel insurance also sometimes includes additional cover that wouldn't be included as standard on individual policies. Some providers include children under a certain age for free, too. 

It's often more flexible

Most family travel insurance policies will let adults travel alone or without children. So, if you're planning a family holiday as well as a getaway for you and your partner without the kids, you might not have to buy a separate policy. However, they won't usually cover children travelling without the adults named on the policy. So, if your child is going away with a different family member, they need a separate policy.

What our travel insurance expert says

"Insuring your whole family under a single policy is more convenient than balancing multiple individual ones, and it could work out cheaper too. Some travel insurance providers might even offer free child cover on certain plans."
Alvaro Iturmendi - Confused.com travel insurance expert
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What types of family travel insurance are there?

Single-trip travel insurance

If you're planning a family holiday and don't plan on taking any other trips during the year, a single-trip travel insurance policy could be a good option. These policies cover you for a single trip to 1 country for up to 30 days.

Annual multi-trip travel insurance

If you're lucky enough to take multiple trips in a year, it might work out cheaper to buy an annual policy. These policies cover you for an unlimited number of trips for the duration of your policy. Many annual travel insurance policies will also allow the adults on the policy to travel without the children.

Backpackers travel insurance

If you'd like to take your family travelling around multiple countries in a single trip, a backpackers policy might suit your needs. These typically cost more, but allow you to travel to multiple countries for up to 180 days.

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We compare 43 trusted travel insurance companies1 to find you our best deals

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What does family holiday insurance cover?

As with all travel insurance policies, the level of cover you get depends on the provider you choose. Read the policy details carefully to make sure you have the cover you and your family need.

  • Cancellations and curtailment - If you have to cancel your holiday due to unexpected circumstances, your travel insurance should cover the costs of your flights and accommodation. This includes having to cancel or cut your trip short because of things like family illness or death.
  • Emergency medical treatment - If you or a family member falls ill or is injured while on holiday, travel insurance can cover your medical expenses. It's best to consider buying travel insurance even if you and your family have valid Global Health Insurance Cards (GHIC) as you may still have to pay for treatment. The GHIC can be used alongside travel insurance to help cover medical costs.
  • Lost, stolen or damaged belongings - If anything happens to your family's belongings, including luggage and travel documents, travel insurance can cover the cost of replacements.
  • Repatriation - If you need to be brought back to the UK following an illness or injury, travel insurance can cover the cost of transportation for you and your family.

What's not usually covered?

  • Travelling against government advice - For example, if you travel to a country that the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advises against, your travel insurance will be invalid.
  • Undeclared pre-existing medical conditions - If you or anyone named on the policy have a pre-existing medical condition, you should let your insurer know. If you don't, any medical treatment you receive for the condition is unlikely to be covered.
  • Incidents involving drugs or alcohol - If you're injured in an accident that occurs while you're under the influence, you aren't covered.
  • Injuries from adventure sports - If you're planning any adventure sports, like skiing, you might need additional cover. Standard travel insurance often doesn't cover risker activities like this, so check your policy details before buying.

How much does family holiday insurance cost?

Destination Price1

What affects the price?

  • The number of people named on the policy - The more people you want to insure, the higher the price will likely be.
  • Whether anyone has a pre-existing condition - Pre-existing conditions such as heart conditions could mean you or a family member are more likely to require medical treatment while you're away, so you might find insurance costs more.
  • The ages of the people named on the policy - Typically, the older you are, the more risky you are to insurers. So, you're likely to pay more for insurance.
  • Where you're travelling - The cost of medical care, repatriation and flights can vary greatly depending on where you're travelling. For example, insurance for the USA is likely to cost more than for France because their medical bills are extremely high, and flights are likely to cost more.
  • How long you and your family are travelling for - The longer you're away, the higher your risk of needing medical care or something going wrong. So, your insurance might cost more.
  • The type of policy you buy - Generally, annual policies are more expensive than single-trip policies because they offer a higher level of cover.

1Cheapest single-trip policy, based on a family of 4 with no pre-existing medical conditions travelling for 1 week. Confused.com data - May 2024.

How can I compare family travel insurance quotes?

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Select 'Get a quote' to fill in our quote form. We'll need some details about you and the family members you want to include on the policy, including details about any pre-existing conditions.

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Tell us a few details about your trip, like where you're travelling and how long you're going for. You can also let us know what type of policy you'd like, and any additional cover.

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We'll compare up to 431 trusted UK insurers and show you a list of quotes to choose from. Check the policy details and choose the policy that best suits you and your family's needs.

Why choose Confused.com?

  • Founded in 2002, we have over 2 decades' worth of experience in insurance. Based in Cardiff, we help millions of customers with their travel insurance needs each year.
  • We’re regulated by the FCA as are the 39 travel insurance providers we work with. All of our providers are trusted brands so you’re in good hands whoever you choose.
  • Our customers have rated us ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot.
  • Need any help? Our Cardiff-based team is here to help. Take a look at our contact page and get in touch.

Can I get family travel insurance with a pre-existing medical condition?

Yes, most insurers still offer cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions. You might find your choice of insurers is more limited and policies cost a bit more though.

Many insurers don't cover more serious conditions or multiple conditions. If you can't find suitable cover, the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS) has a directory of insurers who cover customers with pre-existing medical conditions. You can find their directory of insurers on the MoneyHelper website.

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How do I claim on my family travel insurance?

  • Contact your insurer - You should contact your insurer as soon as possible. Many require you to begin the claims process within 24 hours of an incident. Check your policy documents to make sure you're within the timeframe.
  • Give them the details of the claim - You might be asked to provide evidence to support your claim. This includes things like receipts for replacement belongings, flight information, or bills from any medical treatment. It's important that you keep any of these, just in case.
  • Your claim will be processed - This may take some time as your insurer investigates the claim. But, once they've confirmed the claim is legitimate, you should receive your payout. Remember that there might be an excess to pay on any claims you make.

Can I get family holiday insurance if I'm a divorced or separated parent?

If your children don't live with you, you should still be able to add them to most family travel insurance policies. But, you should check your policy details to make sure. Most require the 2 adults named on the policy to live at the same address. So, if you're travelling with another adult who lives at a different address, you should have your own travel insurance policies.

Some providers offer single-parent family travel insurance policies. So, if you're a single parent travelling with your children, you might be able to get a one-adult insurance policy.

Can I travel by myself on a family travel insurance policy?

Some annual family insurance policies allow this, but you should double check your policy details before you travel. Otherwise, you risk not being covered.

Will each family member need their own EHIC/GHIC?

Yes, if you're travelling within Europe, each family member needs to have a valid European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). These are often required by travel insurance providers if you're claiming for any medical expenses, so it's important that you and your family have them.

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