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Current accounts - what you need to know

Almost everyone has a current account with a bank or building society for their day to day financial needs such as: being paid your salary, paying your bills, buying food and doing the odd bit of shopping. 

However, not everyone realises there are different kinds of current accounts. These are:

  • High Interest – For those who are never in their overdraft, they could earn a better interest rate on their current account balance
  • Overdraft – Better overdraft rates for those who need it, because sometimes life crams so much into one month that your outgoings end up bigger than your income
  • Packaged – Accounts with an annual fee but with added bonuses like discounted travel/mobile/car insurance etc.
  • Student – Accounts tailored for students that include special offers such interest/fee free overdrafts

With different banks and building societies offering a range of accounts and deals on current accounts, which one to choose can get confusing.

Our quick comparison allows you to easily see what's on offer, sorted by what's important to you (whether that's the interest rate, overdraft, extras etc.). Just click the 'COMPARE' button above to get started.

7-day switch guarantee?

As of September 2013, when you switch current accounts, the Current Account Switch Service guarantees to make the move simple, quick and hassle-free. This service that participating banks & building societies provide, ensures your existing balance and all the associated bills and direct debits etc. that are tied to your account, will all be switched over to your new account within 7 days.  What's more, it's flexible, letting you nominate the date of the switch

Read more about the current account switching guarantee.

With switching accounts being made easier than ever, some banks and building societies are even offering switching incentives to move your account. While there are usually T&C’s involved, you could earn yourself vouchers or cash just for switching your account. 

To find accounts offering an incentive, look out for details listed alongside the account in the ‘Switching incentive’ column of the accounts results page. 

Why compare current accounts with

  • A free and independent comparison service
  • Compare different types of current accounts, whether it's high interest, basic, overdraft facilities or student accounts you're after
  • Whether you’re looking to change your bank account to take advantage of the different kinds available, or you need a new one to reflect a change in your life (getting a joint account, for example), could help you find an account.
  • lists accounts from a variety of current account providers, including HSBC, First Direct, Santander, NatWest, RBS, and others

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