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What is courier van insurance?

Courier van insurance, sometimes known as ‘hire and reward insurance’, is a type of van cover. It's designed for drivers who will be making lots of deliveries as part of their work, typically dropping off other people’s goods for payment.

Courier insurance will also typically cover other types of van use where multiple stops are required, like leaflet distribution. As such, courier van insurance covers the unique risks that come with doing multiple drop-offs in the same area.

Haulage van cover differs from courier van insurance mainly because it's intended for longer journeys, where only one or two stops will be involved.

However, courier insurance policies often cover van use for light haulage work such as furniture removal.

Need car courier insurance instead? Look for 'commercial travelling' when getting a car insurance quote.

Do I need courier van insurance?

You’ll need courier van insurance if you deliver goods in your van to customers for a living.

Drivers providing courier services are legally required to have a basic level of courier insurance in place. This will cover any damage to other people and their property when they make deliveries in a van.

Courier van insurance tends to be designed to cover drivers involved in activities like parcel delivery and mail order.

Looking to compare manufacturers? We have some helpful information on Ford, Nissan and Volkswagen.

What level of courier van insurance should I get?

What courier van insurance policies will cover varies from insurer to insurer. However, there are 3 main levels of cover:

  • Third-party only is the minimum legal requirement that you need to drive on UK roads. If you’re in an accident, you’ll be covered for damage to other people’s vehicles and any injuries sustained to others. However, you and your van will not be covered.
  • Third-party, fire and theft gives you the minimum level of cover that you get with third-party insurance. But it also means your van will be insured against damage caused by fire and theft.
  • Comprehensive gives you all you get with a TPFT policy, but also means you and your van are insured for accidents where you’re to blame.

What does courier van insurance cover?

What’s covered by your courier van insurance policy depends on the level of cover and the insurer you choose.

It can be well worth opting for a fully comprehensive policy that includes some additional features as standard. Along with covering damage to your van or other people’s property or vehicles due to an accident, some fully comprehensive courier van policies will include additional benefits.

For example, they may cover medical expenses, windscreen damageloss of personal belongings and infotainment, or enable you to drive a courtesy van when yours is being repaired.

Courier van insurance policies usually don’t include cover for the cargo you’re carrying as standard. For this you'll need goods in transit insurance, which can be added as extra cover. 

Here are some optional extras that could be well worth adding on when you purchase your courier van insurance policy:

Goods in transit cover protects your cargo against loss, theft and damage. You need to make sure that the level of cover provided is high enough to meet the value of the goods you carry.

Public liability insurance protects your business against claims for compensation and legal costs that others may bring.

Employer’s liability insurance covers against a member of your staff injuring themselves through work.

Are there any add-ons or optional extras?

Here are some optional extras that could be well worth adding on when you buy your courier van insurance policy:

  • Goods in transit cover protects covers your cargo against loss, theft and damage. You need to make sure that the level of cover provided is high enough to meet the value of the goods you carry.
  • Public liability insurance protects your business against claims for compensation and legal costs that others may bring.
  • Employer’s liability insurance covers against a member of your staff injuring themselves through work.

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How can I get cheaper courier van insurance?

There are a number of ways to reduce your courier van insurance costs without compromising on your level of cover.

Whether you choose third-party only or a fully comprehensive policy, you could still lower your courier van insurance costs if you:

  • Consider a black box policy
  • Join a trade federation
  • Use a dashcam while you drive
  • Increase your voluntary excess
  • Improve your van’s security
  • Don’t auto-renew

Consider a black box. Providing you’re a careful driver, it might be worth choosing a black box courier van policy. Your insurer will then use a telematics device or app to monitor your driving and set your insurance prices. Depending on the data collected, the cost of your black box van insurance could then go down or up.

Join a trade federation as some insurers will offer discounts on courier van insurance for members of trade federations.

Use a dashcam while you drive as installing a dashcam means it should be easier to prove a claim where a third party is at fault. Some insurers will offer savings on courier van cover when you put a dashcam in.

Increase your voluntary excess to cut the cost of your courier van insurance. Although, this also means you could receive a lower payout in the event of a claim.

Improving your van's security can make it less prone to theft and help you get cheaper courier van insurance.

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We compare up to 49 van insurance companies to save you money

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Is hire and reward cover included in courier insurance?

Hire and reward insurance is a must if you are using your van to deliver other people’s goods in exchange for payment.

It’s usually included in courier insurance policies as standard.

Insurers design courier van insurance to meet the needs of drivers who are doing jobs like mail order and parcel delivery.

When you get a quote we’ll ask you what you use the van for.

If you need hire and reward cover included, select ‘Haulage use – delivering goods for hire and reward’.

We’ll also ask you on average how many deliveries you make each day.

What our van insurance expert says

Before you get a quote, be really clear about the cover you need, especially with things like your annual mileage. If you’re unsure about anything, check with your insurer. It might be something about how you use your van, or which extra policy features you might need. Whatever it is, they’ll be able to help you with it.
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Dan McCulloch

Head of van insurance

Why compare courier van insurance?

Comparing quotes can help you find cheap courier van insurance policies. We search a range of market-leading insurers in minutes to find our best policy for you and your business, at our best price.

It’s a legal requirement that all vehicles on UK roads have valid insurance policies. This can get costly when it comes to insuring a fleet of commercial vans.

We compare courier van insurers who specialise in serving the needs of your business and can offer policies that protect against the risks you’re most exposed to.

We can also help you find great deals on small business insurance, giving you peace of mind in knowing that both your business and van are protected.

Need more help?

Can I get courier insurance for my car?

Yes. If you are using your own car to make deliveries it’s important to ensure you are insured for courier work. When applying for car insurance you always need to tell your insurer how you’ll be using the vehicle. Delivery drivers should select the courier or ‘carriage of goods for hire and reward’ option.

Can I get short-term van insurance?

If you only need to drive a van for a limited period, you can buy short-term van insurance (or temporary van insurance). Policies can last for a few hours up to a specific number of weeks.

Do I need goods in transit insurance?

Standard courier van insurance only covers your vehicle. To protect the cargo you are delivering you will also need goods in transit insurance. This is usually offered as an optional add-on to courier insurance.

Goods in transit insurance protects your cargo from loss, theft and damage. Just make sure your cover is sufficient for the value of the goods you are delivering.

Do I need public liability insurance?

Couriers working in busy built-up areas may value public liability insurance. This provides protection in case a member of the public makes a claim against you for injury or damage to their property.

It may be included in your courier insurance or available as an optional extra.

How many vans can I cover with courier insurance?

A standard policy will only cover one van. However, it is possible to arrange cover for multiple vans or a fleet of vans with a specialist policy.

I have comprehensive van insurance, can I drive other vans?

No. Most van insurance policies will be set up to only cover the driver. To drive another van you would normally need to ask its owner to add you to the policy as a named driver.

For vans covered by fleet insurance, there might be an option to enable different drivers to drive different vans, but this comes at an additional cost.

Is my courier insurance valid for delivering abroad?

This depends on the specific wording of your policy. Even if your policy offers European cover, that might be for non-work purposes only. If this cover is important to you, it’s vital you check before you buy, or failing that, before you set off on a foreign trip.

What’s the difference between courier and haulage?

Courier insurance is designed for van drivers that are making lots of drop offs or deliveries, usually in a built up area. Haulage insurance, is for drivers making longer journeys, usually only making one, larger delivery on a pre-planned route.

What’s the difference between single courier insurance and fleet insurance?

Single courier insurance can be arranged by one individual or business for one van and its driver. Alternatively, a business with lots of vans and delivery drivers might arrange courier insurance for a fleet of vehicles.

Will my car insurance no claims discount transfer to my courier insurance?

Possibly. Your courier insurance provider will want to know about your previous driving record and some may allow you to transfer a no claims discount from a car insurance policy.
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