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Compare taxi insurance quotes

51% of customers paid £2,955 or less for Taxi Insurance*

  • Cover yourself, your taxi or Uber and your passengers

  • Public liability insurance included as standard with some policies

  • Compare quotes from up to 19 trusted insurers1

*51% of Confused.com customers paid £2,954.52 or less for taxi insurance in March 2024.
1Correct as of March 2024

Do I need taxi insurance?

Yes - if you drive a taxi, by law you're required to have taxi insurance. This also applies if you drive any kind of vehicle and are transporting people commercially, whether it's full time or part time, for public or private hire.

It's designed to protect you, your vehicle, your customers and your livelihood against potential loss and damage.

What types of taxi insurance are available?

We compare 2 types of taxi insurance:

Private hire insurance is for private hire vehicles (PHV). A PHV is a pre-booked taxi or minibus and can't pick up passengers from the street or taxi rank. If you drive a PHV or minicab you'll need one of these insurance policies.

Public hire insurance is for traditional taxis like the London black cab. Also known as hackney carriages, they can pick up passengers from the street. You need public hire taxi insurance if you drive one of these.

What affects the price of taxi insurance?

Insurance for taxis is generally higher than standard car insurance. This is due to several reasons including:

More time spent on the road. Taxi drivers spend more time driving during peak and unsociable hours than regular drivers. This is considered riskier to insurers.

More miles driven annually. Taxi drivers generally cover more miles in a year than the average driver. They also spend more time travelling in busy, urban areas which increases their risk of making a claim.

The size of your vehicle. Larger vehicles such as estates or minibuses are often used as taxis. These vehicles are able to fit more passengers and luggage than other cars, but they also tend to be more expensive to insure as a result.

How can I get cheaper taxi insurance?

You can lower the cost of your policy by:

  • Choosing the right vehicle. Generally, the less powerful your car is, the less it should cost to insure. If you're about to buy a car to use as a taxi, check its insurance group and how much insurance might cost before buying.
  • Paying annually. Choosing to pay for your insurance yearly rather than monthly could help you save. Monthly payment options usually come with additional fees and interest rates.
  • Driving safely. A history of claims-free driving means you can expect to pay less than if you've claimed before. You'll also build up your no-claims bonus, which can get you a discount with insurers.
  • Improving your security. Making your vehicle harder to steal can lower your insurance costs. Adding things like an immobiliser or a dash cam lowers the risk of it being stolen.
  • Using secured parking. Parking your vehicle in a locked garage or on a driveway with CCTV are great ways of keeping your taxi as secure as possible when not in use.
  • Shopping around. Comparing quotes from different providers can help you find a policy that's right for you. The cheapest option might not always be the best so make sure you research what you need from a taxi insurance policy.

What our motor insurance expert says

"If you're a taxi or Uber driver, full or part time, or public or private hire, taxi insurance is worth looking at. If you're involved in an accident while driving, taxi insurance could mean you, your vehicle and your passengers are covered. This gives you peace of mind and could also save you from an expensive pay-out"

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at Confused.com
Motor Insurance Expert Confused.com logo

Compare taxi insurance quotes

What add-ons should I consider?

These add-ons could help enhance your taxi insurance policy:

  • Breakdown cover offers help so your car isn't left on the side of the road if you breakdown.
  • Windscreen cover helps cover the cost of windscreen damage. This ensures your taxi isn't kept out of action for longer than necessary.
  • Legal expenses cover can help cover legal bills if another road user takes you to court.
  • Public liability insurance can help to cover you against any claims brought by your passengers.

Who can drive the insured taxi?

You can add multiple taxi drivers to the same taxi policy. Just remember, the main driver should be the person who drives the taxi the most. Adding named drivers can increase or decrease the cost of your insurance depending on the driver and their driving history.

Why choose Confused.com?

  • We have over 20 years' experience in helping customers. Based in Cardiff, we help over 5 million customers a year find insurance at the right price.
  • We’re completely independent, meaning we're not owned by another insurance company. This means we're unbiased and will show you prices from all insurers who offer you a quote.
  • We regularly review our website and follow a strict editorial policy. We do this to ensure everything we say is as accurate as possible.
  • Our website is 100% free to use. We also have a UK-based customer support team to help you with anything you need. Get in contact with us if you need any help.

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