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Goods in transit insurance

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What is goods in transit insurance?

This type of policy insures any items you transport in your van that aren't yours.

It doesn’t insure the vehicle you’re driving, only the items you’re carrying in it.

You might need it if you work as a courier or delivery driver.

Without it in place, you could be held liable for the cost of the goods you’re transporting if they’re lost, stolen or damaged.

What does goods in transit insurance cover?


The policies we compare give you up to £10m of cover for things like:

  • Packages and parcels
  • Hazardous goods
  • Refrigerated stock
  • Livestock

There are a few things goods in transit insurance won’t cover though, including:

  • Your vehicle
  • Anyone else’s vehicle you damage
  • Damage to stock once it’s been delivered
  • Your own possessions

How can I get a goods in transit insurance quote?

There are two ways to get goods in transit insurance:

  • Take it out as a standalone policy: In this case, your policy will cover the goods you’re carrying but not your van itself. You'll need to take out a separate hire and reward insurance policy to be fully covered.
  • Take it out as a package with courier insurance: This will cover both your van and the items you're carrying under a single policy.

Our partner Quote Me Today offers quotes for both types of policy.

Who's Quote Me Today?

We’ve partnered with Quote Me Today to offer goods in transit insurance.

Quote me Today is a UK-based insurance broker specialising in the motor trade, commercial and business sectors.

It offers tailor-made policies for everything from goods in transit insurance to fleet insurance, helping you find the exact cover you need.

Like all the insurers and brokers we work with, it’s FCA regulated and bound by strict rules of conduct that ensure customers are treated fairly.

Its commitment to fairness is reflected in the reviews it receives, with its customers rating it 'excellent' on Trustpilot.

Visit our specialist partner Quote Me Today for a goods in transit quote

What's the difference between courier insurance and goods in transit cover?

Courier van insurance icon

Courier insurance

Also known as hire and reward insurance, courier insurance covers your van for delivery driving.

This means that if you crash during work, or your van is stolen while you’re on the job, you’ll be able to claim for it. It's a legal requirement to have it if you're working as a courier.

Explore courier insurance
Goods in transit van insurance icon

Goods in transit insurance

Also known as GIT insurance, goods in transit policies insure the actual items you're carrying.

If they're lost, damaged or stolen while you're delivering them, you'll be able to claim. It isn't a legal requirement, but some companies might insist you have it as part of your contract.

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What our van insurance expert says

"Even if you have courier insurance, don’t assume it’ll cover the items you’re carrying. Most policies will only cover your van itself. You should have both in place if you’re making deliveries, otherwise you could be held liable for the cost of the goods you’re transporting if something happens to them."

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at Confused.com
Motor Insurance Expert Confused.com logo

How to get cheaper goods in transit insurance

Exactly what you pay for your cover depends on a range of factors, from the value of your cargo to the distance you’re transporting it. So much of what you pay for your cover is out of your control.

But there are a few things you can do that may get you a better deal:

Accurately value your goods

Insuring yourself for £2m worth of cover when you usually only carry goods worth £100,000 means you’re paying for more insurance than you need to be. Take out the right amount of cover and you could save.

Change your excess

The amount you’re willing to pay towards the cost of a claim can impact the price of your policy. Just make sure you pick an excess amount that you can realistically afford if you need to make a claim.

Improve your van's security

Insurance is based on risk, so the lower the risk of the goods you’re transporting being stolen, the lower your insurance costs could be. Things like immobilisers, trackers and alarms can all help boost your van’s security.

Pay annually

This is one of the quickest ways to save. Insurers will usually charge you extra to pay monthly. Paying in one lump sum might be more expensive up front, but you'll usually be rewarded with much lower costs overall.

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What conditions of carriage can I get cover for?

Depending on the company you work for, what you’re transporting and where you’re transporting it to, you’ll be bound by a certain set of conditions of carriage.

What are conditions of carriage?

Conditions of carriage are rules and regulations around the transport of goods. They usually set out the liabilities each party is responsible for when goods are being moved.

The two most popular are:

  • RHA: This is provided by the Road Haulage Association, and sets out exactly who is responsible for the loading, unloading and transport of goods throughout the UK
  • CMR: This is a convention that governs the international transportation of goods, and works in a similar way to the RHA rules. It sets out who is responsible for what when transporting goods abroad.

Our partner Quote Me Today offers policies that cover both of the above conditions of carriage.

It also offers policies that cover conditions that businesses themselves set out. Companies it can provide policies for include ParcelForce, TNT, Royal Mail, City Lin, DPD, Yodel and more.

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Commercial van insurance

covers your van while its being used for business-related driving.

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Temporary van insurance

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Need more help?

Does goods in transit insurance come with public liability cover?

This depends on your policy. Some goods in transit policies include public liability insurance, but others may only offer it as a paid-for add-on.

Our partner Quote Me Today offers combined policies, so if this is something you’re looking for, just say when you’re getting a quote and they’ll do the rest to find you the right policy for your needs.

While it isn’t a legal requirement, many companies insist you have public liability insurance in place to work for them as a courier.

It covers you for any injuries you cause a member of the public, or any damage you do to their property while you’re working.

Does goods in transit insurance cover items left in the vehicle overnight?

Goods in transit insurance can cover any items left in a vehicle overnight, but not all policies offer this. Always check your policy documents to see exactly what you're covered for.

If your policy does cover overnight storage, you'll usually have to make sure your goods are stored properly, and that the vehicle itself is kept in a safe, secure location overnight.

Do I need goods in transit insurance to move home?

In most cases, no. Most removal companies will insure your possessions while they're being transported.

If you're moving them yourself in your own vehicle, your home insurance may offer you cover for them. Check your policy details, though, as this isn't always covered. 

If your home policy doesn't include moving cover, then goods in transit can be a good idea. Just check you aren't already covered by another isurance policy before signing up. 

Can goods in transit insurance cover me to move business premises?

Yes, it can cover your business equipment if you're moving premises. If you're hiring a removal company, they may already offer this cover. You'll still need to check what level of cover the company has to make sure it meets your needs, though.

If you, or your employees, are moving your business' possessions yourself, then goods in transit insurance can be a good idea.

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