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How can I get a phone without a credit check?

Several of the UK’s main providers offer SIM only deals without carrying out a credit check, including giffgaff, Talkmobile and Lebara. Some providers, including Sky Mobile, only carry out a ‘soft’ credit check for SIM only plans. This involves checking your details and address rather than running a full credit check.

How do no credit check SIM contracts work? 

No credit check SIMs are SIM cards with no requirement to take out a contract. These SIM only deals are one option for people with bad credit or no credit score.

Many no credit check SIM deals last for a month. You then have the option to end the deal or extend it for another month. Usually, you need to give your provider 30 days’ notice if you want to end it, or you’ll be charged for another month.

Many providers offer special deals for the first three months, and then the price goes up, so remember to work out the true cost.

How much does a no credit check SIM cost?

SIMs with no contract start from just a few pounds a month. These deals usually come with a small amount of data. Around 5GB is standard but some are 1GB or 2GB. You can even get unlimited data SIM only deals with no credit check. However, monthly costs may be higher.

SIM only deals with no credit check may work out more expensive than 12-month contracts. However, they tend to be more flexible and may be good for anyone with a low credit score or someone who has been blacklisted.

Can you get a SIM only contract with no credit?

Some providers don’t carry out a credit check at all when you buy a SIM only deal.

For those providers who do carry out a credit check, customers with poor credit are often still accepted. This is because the risk to the provider is much less than with a loan, a mortgage or a brand-new smartphone contract. Because you pay upfront with a SIM only phone deal, it’s less risky to the provider.

What network does not do a credit check?

For anyone wondering which phone company accepts bad credit, there are a few options if you’re happy to go SIM only.

Several providers offer no credit check SIM only deals, including Asda Mobile, giffgaff, Lebara and Voxi. What is the easiest phone carrier to get approved with? That depends, but Lebera is known for helping customers with bad credit get a SIM only deal.

They say, “… you can still get a Lebara SIM only plan even if you have a bad credit history because at Lebara we believe that everyone is entitled to get a mobile plan irrespective of their credit history.” 

It can take as little as 60 seconds to be approved. 

How much credit score is needed to buy a phone in the UK?

The lowest credit score to get a phone contract varies according to provider. You tend to need a decent credit score to get one of the newer smartphones, so an older model or a pay-as-you-go phone may be a good option.

Other options may include paying upfront for the handset or paying a large deposit. It’s worth comparing phone providers to see if any of your favourite networks offer deals for people with bad credit.

Can I get a contract phone while blacklisted?

It’s unlikely you’ll be offered a contract phone if you’re blacklisted, but it’s worth speaking to a few providers either in store, over the phone or on live chat. Don’t rush into a deal – take your time to consider the financial commitment.

Why would I fail a credit check for a phone?

There are a few reasons why you might fail a credit check for a phone contract.

  • A low credit score
  • No credit score 
  • You don’t have a bank account
  • You don’t have a debit or credit card
  • You haven’t been at your address long
  • In rare cases, if you’re renting
  • You’re not on the electoral roll
  • You’ve previously made late payments on bills
  • There are outstanding debts from previous owners of your property

It’s a good idea to keep a regular check on your credit rating with one of the credit check companies.

If you’ve been refused, you can wait 90 days and try again. Don’t make repeated attempts within a short space of time as this can affect your credit score.  

If you don’t pass the provider’s credit check, you can usually appeal. Check your provider’s website for more details. It may be helpful to have a copy of your most recent credit file to hand in case there is anything there that you were unaware of.

Who can get a no credit check SIM?

These SIM contracts with no credit check can suit people who don’t have a permanent address or have had previous financial difficulties. They can also be good for younger people who are still building their credit score.

There are many things you can do to improve your credit rating. If you find something inaccurate on your credit report, you can usually ask for it to be amended.

If you’re experiencing financial challenges, you can reach out to StepChange or National Debtline.

More tips for no credit check SIM only deals

  • The phone you’re using for your no credit check SIM needs to be unlocked.
  • You may be able to help turn around a bad credit rating if you successfully manage a no credit check SIM. But you’ll need to pay your bill on time every month. 
  • Some providers offer next-day delivery if you order online before their cut-off time.
  • You can often do a ‘soft search’ on a comparison website to see if you would be accepted for a phone contract without a credit check. This should not leave a mark on your credit report.