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What is off road motorbike insurance?

Off-road motorbike insurance is a specialist policy that protects dirt bikes, motocross bikes, trail bikes, and enduro bikes against theft and damage.

Exactly what is covered depends on the level of cover you choose. But in short, off-road motorbike insurance covers damage to others, their bikes and their property.

Enhanced policies could also offer cover for theft, fire and damage to your own motorbike.

Do off road bikes need insurance?

Yes. If you ride your off-road motorbike on a public road, then you’re legally required to get an insurance policy for it.

The confusion comes in where there are a number of unmarked paths that might appear to be ‘off-road’ but are legally classified as a public road. These are called ‘byways open to all traffic’.

If your motorbike is on a public road - even if it’s to get to an off-road area - you need a motorbike insurance policy for it.

As well as motorbike insurance, to ride on public roads you need to:

  • Register your bike with the DVLA
  • Make sure the bike has valid tax and MOT
  • Have the correct type of motorbike licence in place

The type of licence you need usually depends on your age and the size of the bike you ride. You can find a breakdown of the motorbike licence categories on the GOV.UK website.

Can I save money by comparing quotes?

Yes you can.

Comparing dirt bike insurance quotes takes just a few minutes, and we compare dozens of insurance providers for you. It’s the quickest and easiest way to cut your bike insurance costs.

Even if your dirt bike insurance renewal price is the same or even lower than the previous year, it’s still worth shopping around.

If you’re looking to save more money on your off-road motorbike insurance policy, you could:

  • Increase your voluntary excess. Offering to put up more money in the event of a claim could reduce your insurance costs.
  • Upgrade your motorbike’s security to ensure your bike is less of a target for thieves.
  • Consider advanced motorcycle training as off-roading comes with added risk. Proving that you’re a safe rider could lower your costs.
For more information, check out our guide on how to lower your motorbike insurance.

Compare off road motorbike insurance quotes

Can you use standard motorbike insurance for a dirt bike?

Standard motorbike insurance policies cover you for use on public roads only. So, if you had a standard policy, but suffered an accident while off-roading or at a motocross or trail bike event, your policy may not cover you.

Some motorcycle insurance companies might offer off-road dirt bike insurance cover as an optional extra, but this is likely to come at an additional cost. Get in touch with your insurance provider to be sure.

What's the difference between on road and off road motorbike insurance?

On the whole, standard motorbike insurance and off-road motorbike insurance offer the same degree of cover. The main difference between them is around where this cover is valid:

Standard motorbike insurance is entirely for ordinary road use

Off-road motorbike insurance covers you for any mishaps on the track

Off-road motorbike insurance policies might also offer extras designed for the way you use your bike, including:

  • Limited mileage cover could be suitable because motocross bikers tend to cover fewer miles than traditional bikers. A limited mileage policy could reflect this, helping to reduce your motocross insurance costs.
  • Motorcycle breakdown cover is a common option with off-road policies, as dirt bikes tend to take more of a beating than road bikes. Breakdown cover could help get your bike back on the road when you've pushed it too hard.
  • Accidental damage & personal injury cover don’t usually come as standard on most motorbike insurance policies. They also generally come with higher costs. But they could be particularly beneficial to off-road bikers, who tend to take more risks with both their bike and themselves.

What levels of off road bike insurance are there?

There are three main levels of cover when you get off-road dirt bike insurance:

  • Third party only
  • Third party, fire and theft
  • Fully comprehensive
  • Third-party only covers any damage to other people, their motorbikes and property after an accident.


  • Third-party, fire and theft offers the same benefits as third-party only, but also covers you if your bike is stolen or suffers fire damage.


  • Fully comprehensive insurance also covers the costs to repair or replace your scrambler if it’s damaged in an accident.


What do I need to get a dirt bike insurance quote?

To get an off-road motorbike quote, we just need a few details about you and your motorbike. Then in a few minutes you’ll be able to compare quotes from a range of providers.

Motorbike details

  • Your motorcycle registration. If you don’t have that, the make, model and year of manufacture should do.
  • Your motorbike’s estimated value.
  • The date you bought the bike. You can still get a quote for a motorbike you haven’t bought, so long as you have the other details.
  • Where you keep the motorbike when not in use.
  • What security measures you’ve taken to secure the bike.
  • Any modifications you’ve made to the motorbike.
Rider details

  • The category of your motorbike licence and how long you’ve had it.
  • How you plan on using your bike, also known as its class of use.
  • Any convictions or claims you’ve had in the last five years.
  • How many miles you expect to ride in a year. This doesn’t have to be exact.
  • Details of any other riders who will be using your bike.
  • Any optional extras such as pillion cover, personal accident or breakdown cover.

Compare off road motorbike insurance quotes

What our motorbike insurance expert says

It sounds strange but off-road insurance is needed for when you ride your off-roader on the road. You’ll only be able to insure an off-roader if it’s road legal. You might get a cheaper price if you’re accurate with your road mileage as you’ll likely do fewer road miles than other bikers each year.
Jack Cox product expert signature

Jack Cox

Motorbike insurance product manager

How does my bike's make affect the cost of my off road bike insurance?

Off road dirt bike and motocross bike insurance prices are calculated based on several factors. One of the bigger factors is the type of motorbike you’re riding.

Larger, more expensive and powerful bikes are likely to cost more to insure than a second-hand scooter, for example.

The specific manufacturer could also be important, as certain models might lend themselves to more powerful or valuable bikes.

Some of the most popular motorbike manufacturers include:

See all manufacturers.

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