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How to change your car insurance policy


Whether you're moving house or changing your car, it's best to check the ins and outs before amending your policy.

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In this guide you'll find information about:

When do you need to make amendments?|Amending your policy and charges|Is cancellation a better option?

When do you need to make amendments?

Basically, anything that alters the value or performance of the car should be noted.

If you’re pimping out your ride with new wheels or upgrading your engine for something more flash, your insurers will need to know.

But if all you’re doing is changing the seats or swapping out the car mats, you don’t need to let your insurer know.

Some changes to your policy could include changes like:

In short, anything that might affect your car policy should be reported to the insurer.

If you’re not sure, it’s best to err on the side of caution and let them know. If it’s relevant and you don’t inform them, you could risk driving without proper cover.

Amending your policy and charges

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If you need to make a change to your policy, call your insurer.

They’ll be able to tell you whether you policy needs to be amended and how much it'll cost.

The standard amendment fee is usually set out in your policy’s T&Cs. The fee varies by insurer, but it’s usually in the range of £15 and £30.

You might also see an increase in premium, depending on how big the changes you made are.

Is cancellation a better option?

In some cases, the cost of cover could increase dramatically if you’re amending your policy - for example, if you add a young, inexperienced driver to your policy.

It could then be possible to save money by cancelling your cover, and switching to an insurer which charges lower rates for young drivers.

The cost of cancelling a policy is usually much higher than making an amendment. Most companies will charge around £50 cancellation fee after the cooling-off period, usually 14 days.

If you need more information, here’s our guide to cancelling your car insurance.


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