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*51% of van insurance customers could save £654.22 Based on data provided by Consumer Intelligence Ltd, www.consumerintelligence.com (April '24).

1Correct as of July 2024

Compare cheap van insurance quotes in minutes

We understand the importance of protecting your van and your livelihood. We'll help you find the right policy for every type of van, whether you're a business owner, a tradesperson, or just own a van.

Comparing van insurance with us takes just a few minutes. Just log in and double check all your details are up to date.

Got an account with us? We'll have all your details saved from your last quote so things will be even quicker. If you're a new customer looking for a van quote, follow these steps:

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What is van insurance?

Van insurance is a legal requirement in the UK if you're driving a van on public roads. It ensures you have the right cover in place to protect you, your passengers, business and any other drivers on the road.

In the event of an accident, van insurance helps cover the costs of any damage you cause to a third party, their vehicle, or their property.

You can choose from a variety of different policies and providers to suit how you use your van and your circumstances. Whether you're transporting goods, running a business, or simply driving for fun, we can help you find cover.

If you're looking to buy a policy for 2 or more vans, you could consider fleet insurance to reduce the cost.

How much does van insurance cost?

What you pay for your van insurance is assessed according to your circumstances, so prices vary.

Social only


Social & commuting


Business use - carriage of own goods


Business use - haulage


(2)Confused.com data January - March 2024

Insurers consider several factors to calculate the cost of your insurance:

Your age

Younger drivers tend to be less experienced and are viewed by insurers as a higher risk than older more experienced drivers.

Where you live

Van drivers living in areas where more claims are made are likelier to pay more for insurance than those living in areas with fewer claims.

The van you drive

A van in a higher insurance group can cost more to insure than a lower group. The same can apply for the value of the van. More valuable vans can be targeted by thieves and cost more to repair, so insurers charge more to cover them.

Van security

Fitting your van with a security device or system can help reduce the cost of your insurance. Check before investing in security features, as some could be considered a modification by certain insurers.

Your driving history

Having driving convictions and points on your licence can make you a higher risk to insurers. You could consider black box insurance as a way of combatting expensive insurance.

Previous claims

Any claims you've made in the last 5 years will increase your level of risk. Many van insurance policies cover any tools you use as part of your job, but you must check this with insurers before buying.

Compare van insurance quotes from up to 58 companies1

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Why compare van insurance with Confused.com?

  • Exclusive deals

    We negotiate our best deals and exclusive discounts with our van insurance partners. Look out for our special offers that are highlighted on the prices page to compare van insurance quotes.
  • Renewal reminders

    We'll let you know next year when your renewal is coming up, giving you plenty of time to find your next deal.
  • Customer fairness and protection

    We're regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and take your finances seriously. We ensure you are treated fairly.
  • We'll beat your renewal price

    We guarantee to beat your renewal3, and if we don't, we'll match your quote and give you £20 on-top.

3Single annual policy only. T&Cs apply. Must be a like-for-like policy.

What our van insurance expert says

"We're seeing a trend of van insurance prices rising for many. It's something we've also seen across car and home insurance too. That's why it's more important than ever to not accept your renewal offer without first shopping around with a site like Confused.com.

To help save further money, make sure you get the right cover for how you use your van. Some business van insurance policies will only cover the vehicle if it's stolen and not the tools inside. The cost of replacing these could be covered by adding-on tool insurance onto your policy."

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at Confused.com
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What type of van insurance do I need?

What you use your van for should dictate what type of insurance you'll need to buy. To compare van insurance quotes, you need to tell us the class of use according to how you use your van. There are 4 options:

Social only

Also known as private van insurance, this is suitable for visiting family and friends, shopping or transporting kit for a hobby. It does not cover work or business related travel such as commuting. Pick-ups are classed as vans rather than cars when it comes to insurance. So to make sure your pick-up truck is covered, you need a van insurance policy.

Social and commuting

This would be necessary if you use your van to drive to a single place for work, as well as for social use. If you're travelling to a bus or train station as part of your commute, this also comes under social and commuting.

Business use

This would cover you to transport goods, tools, or work equipment that belongs to you, your business partner, or your employer. It's also known as commercial use or carriage of own goods. This cover is particularly suited to professionals like builders, shopkeepers and cleaners who rely on their van for their business. Business use is also available as temporary cover for short term use.

Haulage use

This is for situations where you use your van to transport goods for hire and reward. This type of cover is especially important for professionals who handle deliveries, such as delivery drivers, couriers, and haulage contractors.

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What are the different levels of van insurance?

There are 3 levels of van insurance to choose from, each level varies in extent of cover.

Third-party only

Offers a basic level of cover. You're insured against damage caused to someone else or their property, including your passengers. It doesn't include cover against damage to your own van.

Third-party, fire and theft

This includes third-party protection, but also covers your van for repair or replacement costs in the event it is stolen or damaged by fire.


The broadest level of cover, protecting you and your van as well as other people and their property. Although comprehensive policies offer the most protection, it doesn't always mean they're the most expensive.

Optional extras to enhance your cover

Adding extras or add-ons to your van insurance policy can give you more protection, but it could come at an additional cost. Some add-ons come as standard with your policy, but you'll need to check before you buy. When you get a quote, we'll show you policies that may or may not include the following extras:

Breakdown cover

Can help avoid you being left stranded on the roadside if your van breaks down. Some policies also include cover for breakdowns at home.

Courtesy van cover

Provides you with temporary replacement transportation while your van is being repaired.

Windscreen cover

Covers the repair or replacement of your van's windscreen, side windows or rear window.

Legal expenses cover

Can help cover legal costs such as solicitor's fees if you're involved in an accident that's not your fault. Generally you're covered if your claim has a greater than 50% chance of success.

Driving abroad cover

Gives you the same level of cover for driving your van in Europe as you have in the UK. It's usually limited to 90 days per trip.

Personal effects cover

Offers cover for the loss or damage to valuables such as mobile phones that are carried by the policyholder or stored securely in the van. Exclusions may apply.

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How to save money on your van insurance

Pay annually

Insurers charge extra if you decide to pay monthly. Choosing to pay monthly can cost 16%2 more, so it's worth paying annually if you can afford to do so.

Don't auto-renew

It's best to shop around for a better deal first. Many insurers offer introductory prices for new customers, which can undercut your renewal price. Getting a quote is the easiest way to find out if you could save by switching insurers.

Increase voluntary excess

If you're willing to contribute more to a claim, you could find cheaper van insurance quotes. Remember, there's also a compulsory excess to pay that increases your total excess amount if you make a claim. Just make sure you can afford the payments first.

Add a named driver

Having a spouse, family member or even an unrelated driver with a good driving history on your policy could save you money. Be mindful of adding young drivers under 25 or those with points to your policy as this could have the opposite effect.

Use a dash cam

Some insurers offer discounts to van drivers with a dash cam fitted as the footage recorded can be used to support claims. When you get a quote we'll ask you if you have one fitted in your van.

Try a black box policy

Black box policies are a type of telematics policy that monitors your driving using an app or a small device installed in your van. The device will collect data based on how you drive.

2Based on Confused.com data January - March 2024

Other types of vans to insure

Campervan insurance

If you plan on driving your campervan, you'll always need a specific caravan insurance policy before you get out on the open road.

Modified van insurance

Modified van insurance is similar to standard van insurance and covers most of the same things. But if you've modified your van in any way, your van insurance policy should reflect this.

Motorhome insurance

Insuring your motorhome is a legal requirement, the only exception is if your motorhome is permanently off the road.

Compare van insurance quotes

Different types of van insurance

Van insurance comes in different types to suit different situations and needs. We can help you find the cover that suits you.

Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance covers 2 or more of your business vehicles under a single policy.

Temporary van insurance

Temporary van insurance is a short-term, comprehensive insurance policy that protects you and your van for between 1 hour and 28 days

Truck insurance

Truck insurance, also known as lorry or heavy goods vehicle (HGV) insurance, is what you need to get your truck or HGV on the road.

Courier insurance

Hire and reward insurance, otherwise known as courier insurance, is a type of business van insurance.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I transfer my car's no-claims bonus to my van?

Yes you can. Most insurers allow you to transfer a no-claims bonus between different types of vehicle.

You can usually only use your NCB on one vehicle or insurance policy at any one time, though. If you have more than one vehicle, insurers may offer discounts on insuring a second one by mirroring your no-claims bonus. This isn’t a guarantee though, so always check with the insurer directly before getting a policy.

What's the difference between commercial and private van insurance?

Commercial insurance is also known as business insurance and covers you to use your van for business related reasons.

Private insurance covers you to use your van for social use, like shopping and day trips. You can also extend it to cover commuting to a single place of work if you need to use your van to get back and forth to work.

Can I add other drivers to to my van insurance policy?

Yes. When you get a quote you’ll need to tell us some details about them including their name, date of birth, marital and employment status and their relationship to you.

Can I get black box insurance for my van?

Yes - similar to car insurance, some insurers offer black box van insurance policies. These policies can be a good way for younger or less experienced drivers to get cover and be rewarded for safe driving.

Will my van be insured to drive abroad?

Yes, most van insurance policies include third-party cover as a minimum to drive in EU countries. Cover usually includes a maximum of 30 days in any one period.

If you’d like a higher level of cover or cover for a longer period, you can usually add it to your policy for a fee by speaking to your insurer.

Will my goods or tools be covered by van insurance?

Not as standard on private van insurance policies. If you want to cover your tools, you need to include tool cover as an add-on to your policy or buy a specific tool insurance policy.

If you take out a business policy that includes carriage of own goods, this can cover any personal items, tools or goods related to your business. It doesn’t cover goods that are being carried in return for a fee. For these you need cover for haulage use, which is also known as hire and reward insurance.

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