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What are iPhone SIM only deals?

When you choose a SIM only iPhone deal, your payments cover the cost of the SIM, plus the data, minutes and texts you use each month. The iPhone isn’t included. You provide that yourself.

If you’ve already got a handset and you’re switching from a standard mobile phone deal, a SIM only plan can cut the cost of your monthly payments. The latest models (iPhone XR and upwards) are also compatible with eSIMs which you can download via an app or QR code. 

Find out more about eSIMs and the benefits of SIM only deal.

Why choose an iPhone SIM only deal?

If you’ve already got a phone or you prefer to buy yours outright, a SIM only deal could save you up to £321 a year.

You can also take advantage of shorter, more flexible contracts like 30-day SIM only iPhone deals. Or go contract free with a pay as you go plan. This gives you the freedom to switch whenever a better offer comes along.

Happy to make a longer term commitment? It’s a great way to save money on your monthly payments. You can choose from 12, 18 and 24-month SIM only iPhone contracts   

A SIM only deal also lets you upgrade your handset whenever you want. SIM cards are transferable. They act as a mini storage facility for your mobile number, contacts and other personal data.  When you upgrade your iPhone, just put the SIM into your new handset and you’re ready to go. It makes for a seamless switching experience.  

What kinds of iPhone SIM only deals are there?

Opt for a SIM only deal for your iPhone and you get plenty of choice.

  • Pay as you go SIM only deals for iPhone
  • 30-day SIM only deals for iPhone
  • 12-month SIM only deals for iPhone
  • 18-month SIM only deals for iPhone
  • 24-month SIM only deals for iPhone
  • Unlimited data SIM only deals for iPhone

Can I sign up for an iPhone SIM only deal?

It depends on your current plan.

  • If you’re out of contract or on a pay as you go plan, you can sign up to a new iPhone SIM only deal immediately.
  • If you’re on a 30-day/monthly rolling contract, you may need to give your provider a month’s notice.
  • If you’re still within the minimum contract term with your current provider, you need to buy your way out. This early termination fee (ETF) is typically the total cost of the months left on your contract.

How do I choose an iPhone SIM only deal?

First, think about how much you want to pay.

You can filter your search results by monthly cost.

Providers like Honest Mobile, Lebara and Lyca Mobile offer a reduced starting price and then increase it after 3 months.

Make sure you take the price increase into consideration when you make your choice. If you take out a 12-month contract or longer, you also need to factor in the cost of inflation.

The price you start paying is likely to go up.

Providers are legally obliged to flag up any future price hikes, so always read the small print.

You also need to think about:

Contract length: Typically, the longer the contract, the less you pay each month. But you’re tied to that provider for the duration. Choose from 30-day, 12-month, 18-month and 24-month options. Or go contract-free with pay as you go.

Data: Most people get through 5.6GB of data a month. To help you work out your usage, read our article How much mobile data do you need?

Calls and texts: If you’re not sure what you need, check your recent mobile bills by logging into your online account or via the provider’s app. However, many iPhone SIM only deals now come with unlimited calls and texts, so you don’t have to think about it.

Download speeds: The more streaming, gaming and P2P file sharing you do, the faster the speeds need to be. 5G connections give you the best available, typically 200 Mbps. You need a 5G-enabled smartphone and coverage in your area though.

Added extras: A competitive market can lead to some attractive incentives, from inclusive EU roaming to the promise of no 2024 price rises.

How do I switch to an iPhone SIM only deal?

It’s easy. Compare iPhone SIM only deals online to find the one that works best for you.

  • Click or tap the ‘Buy now’ button. You get an overview of the deal. If you’re happy, press ‘Continue’ to go straight to the provider’s website.
  • Sign up. Share your details and accept the T&Cs.
  • Get your PAC (Porting Authorisation Code) so you can keep the same mobile number if you want to. Text PAC to 65075 and make sure you use the code within 30 days.
  • Get your SIM card. Choose the Nano SIM option, slot it in and you’re ready to go. Changed your mind about SIM only? If you want a contract that includes an iPhone, go to our iPhone deals page. Find out more about switching network provider. 
Changed your mind about SIM only? If you want a contract that includes an iPhone, go to the Uswitch iPhone deals page.

Find out more about switching network provider.

Which networks offer SIM only iPhone deals?

There’s no shortage of options. You can search for deals with all these providers on our site.

  • Asda Mobile SIM only iPhone deals
  • giffgaff SIM only iPhone deals
  • Honest Mobile SIM only iPhone deals
  • iD Mobile SIM only iPhone deals
  • Lebara Mobile SIM only iPhone deals
  • Lyca Mobile SIM only iPhone deals
  • O2 SIM only iPhone deals
  • Sky Mobile SIM only iPhone deals
  • SMARTY SIM only iPhone deals
  • Talkmobile SIM only iPhone deals
  • Tesco Mobile SIM only iPhone deals
  • Three SIM only iPhone deals
  • Vodafone SIM only iPhone deals
  • VOXI SIM only iPhone deals

What are the best iPhone SIM only deals?

It depends what you’re looking for. The best is the one that works for you.

Prices start at £0.89 a month for a pay as you go SIM only iPhone deal with Lyca Mobile. This includes 15G data and EU roaming. The price increases to £3.90 after 3-months.

You could get the same deal with unlimited data for £8.99 a month, increasing to £24.45 after 3-months.

For an unlimited data iPhone SIM only deal with Vodafone, it's £38 a month for a 12-month contract and access to the VeryMe Rewards app.

Use the search filters to help you home in on the right deal. Remember, the cheapest iPhone SIM only deal may not be the best fit.

What are the cheapest iPhone 15 SIM only deals?

If you change your mind about buying the handset outright, there are plenty of iPhone deals that include the latest model.

  • iPhone 15 deals
  • iPhone 15 Plus deals
  • iPhone 15 Pro deals
  • iPhone 15 Pro Max deals

Remember, prices and offers change all the time, particularly when new models come out.

How do I choose an iPhone for a SIM only deal?

If you’re thinking of buying a new iPhone, start with the basics. This includes:

  • How much you want to pay
  • Camera specifications
  • Storage size: from 25GB up to 1TB
  • Phone size and weight
  • Condition: New or refurbished

You might also have a preference for:

  • Screen type: LED or OLED
  • Storage size: from 25GB up to 1TB
  • SIM type: Nano and/or eSIM USB-C or lightning port
  • Camera quality
  • Condition: New or refurbished

You can take a deep dive into the features of all the latest iPhones on the Apple website.

Can I switch my SIM card from an Android phone to an iPhone?

Yes, you can switch your SIM card from an Android phone to iPhone. That's as long as the SIM card fits the iPhone, they come in different sizes. iPhone 5 and upwards uses the smallest, known as a Nano SIM. This is the same for most smartphones made from around 2015 onwards. If you’ve got the wrong size, you can request a new SIM from your network provider.

Shut down both phones before transferring the SIM. Use a microfibre cloth to wipe the SIM before you slot it into the iPhone to get rid of fingerprints or smudges.

For help moving your data across, download “The Move” app to your iPhone.

How do I put a SIM into an iPhone?

  • For physical SIM cards, you need a paper clip or SIM ejector tool. Push this firmly (without forcing it) into the small hole beside the SIM card tray.
  • The SIM tray should pop out. The SIM card has a notch in the corner. Because of this, there’s only one way you can fit it into the SIM card tray.
  • Push the tray shut.

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