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Why should I switch energy supplier?

Switching to a new supplier or changing tariffs with your existing supplier could save you money on your bill. It's easy to do and only takes a few minutes. You can get a dual fuel (both gas & electricity) quote or compare gas and electricity prices separately. 

As well as the price of a new tariff, there are other reasons you may wish to switch:

  • Protection against future price rises

    Picking a fixed price tariff will ensure that even if prices rise, the rates you pay for your gas and electricity remain the same until the end of the fixed period
  • Customer service

    If you've been unhappy with the service you received from your current supplier, you may wish to switch to one with higher customer service standards.
  • Environmental awareness

    A number of companies offer green tariffs where 100% of the electricity supplied comes from renewable sources, helping you to reduce your carbon footprint.

Tips for saving more on your energy bills

As well as comparing energy prices, changing the type of tariff you have or the way in which you pay for your energy could also save you money.

Suppliers will often provide additional discounts to tariffs for the following reasons:

  • Opting for paperless billing and managing your account online.
  • Paying monthly by direct debit.
  • Switching both gas and electricity to the same supplier - known as a 'dual fuel' tariff.

What happens after I've switched energy supplier?

  • We send your chosen new supplier (or existing supplier if you've just switched tariffs) your application and they do the rest.
  • Within a couple of weeks you should receive a welcome communication from them.
  • Your switch should be complete in 4-6 weeks!
  • For more information on the switching process read our guide to switching.

How to keep your energy bills down

Energy bills are a large part of your monthly household expenditure, so after you switch follow these handy tips to continue to stay in control of your energy bills.

  • Remember to provide your supplier with accurate meter readings regularly. This will ensure you are only paying for the electricity and gas you are using and avoid any surprises further down the line.
  • If you are on a fixed price energy tariff, keep a note of the end date. Companies often transfer customers to their more expensive standard variable tariff when a fixed price energy deal comes to an end. So we recommend comparing deals a few weeks before your fixed price tariff ends.
  • Keep an eye on how much electricity you use. It sounds simple but remembering to turn off lights or electrical items when they are not in use can really help keep your bills down.
  • Learn to use the timer on your boiler - only heating water and using the central heating when you're in the house can save a significant amount on your bills.
  • For more useful energy saving tips, see our energy efficiency guide.

Confused.com's energy switching service is powered by runpath, which is accredited by Ofgem's Confidence Code to compare energy for domestic customers, so you can be sure that the prices we quote are calculated following approved industry standards.

Looking for business gas or electricity deals? Take a look at our commercial energy page.

Why compare energy with Confused.com?  

No-one wants to spend more money than they need to – especially for gas and electricity. Luckily, our Ofgem accredited* energy price comparison engine makes it easy to find great deals on cheap gas and electricity.

Enter your details once and we’ll do the legwork, providing you with all the available tariffs in the market.

If you're still feeling a bit confused about why you should switch and what it involves, here's some handy guides we've written to help:

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