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What is multi-pet insurance?

Multi-pet insurance is one insurance policy for all of your pets instead of having separate policies or insurers. This means less paperwork and admin.

Renewing your insurance is also easier as you only need to remember one renewal date and one insurer.

Many insurers even offer a discount if you insure all your pets on one pet insurance policy. You'll need to compare multi-pet insurance before you buy though, as it's not always cheaper than buying separate policies for your pets.

How does multi-pet insurance work?

Multi-pet insurance works similarly to single pet insurance. You choose the level of cover you want for your pets and the insurer will give you a quote.

This quote will be based on the risk of you making a claim on the policy. An insurer will ask you lots of questions about your pet, like their age and breed. You'll also give details about yourself, like where you live.

When you choose multi-pet insurance, all pets on the policy are covered. They are usually given the same level of cover, which isn't always suitable. But some insurers let you choose different cover levels for each pet on the policy.

You can usually change the cover level when you renew the policy if needed. This usually applies to all the pets on the policy, depending on the insurer.

You can also link two policies with some insurers, which is sometimes called dual pet insurance. These policies may offer different levels of cover. This is sometimes called multi-pet insurance, depending on the insurer.

Do I need multi-pet insurance?

Pet insurance isn't mandatory, it's your choice whether you buy it or not. It is designed to cover unforeseen events - such as if your pet has an accident or develops a new condition.

These costs can be expensive and without insurance, you'll be left paying the bill. Before you take it out, think about how you would cover any potential vet treatment costs - which can run into the thousands for a cat or a dog. The cost of fixing a dislocated knee for a dog, for example, could cost £15,000.

Insurance offers peace of mind as you know you'll be covered if your pet does need medical treatment.

But insurance doesn't cover everything. It doesn't usually cover routine appointments or vaccinations, for example.

You also can't get cover for a pre-existing condition with pet insurance unless you have lifetime pet insurance and had the policy when your pet was diagnosed.

Compare multi-pet insurance quotes

What type of multi-pet insurance do I need?

Regardless of whether you have several dogs or a cats, there are several types of multi-pet insurance available. The policy you choose will depend on your budget and how much cover you'd like for your pets. Remember, with a multi-pet policy all pets on the policy will usually have the same level of cover.

You can choose from:

  • Accident only, which is the most basic level of cover available, and usually the cheapest. It only pays out for accidents, up to a limit each year.
  • Time-limited cover, which covers your pets for accidents and emergencies, up to a limit, for the year of the policy. After this, you'll need to renew the policy and any new conditions that your pets have developed won't be covered.
  • Maximum benefit cover which has a maximum amount of money per year you can claim for the cost of accidents or emergencies for your pets.
  • Lifetime cover, the highest level of cover available, which covers your pets for their whole lives (up to a yearly limit). It's usually the most expensive option. But it will cover any conditions your pets develop in their lives, as long as the policy was in place when they did.

What does multi-pet insurance cover?

You'll need to check the small print as the exact details will depend on the insurer and the policy. Most multi-pet insurance policies will cover:

  • Missing or lost pets
  • Third-party liability
  • Vet bills
  • Holiday cancellation
  • Cremation costs

Missing or lost pets, including the cost of finding a lost pet, such as money for a reward

Third-party liability if your pet causes damage to another person or their property. You'll be covered if they take legal action.

Vet bills up to a limit, for treatment for your pet. Routine appointments aren't usually included.

Holiday cancellation if you need to cancel a holiday because your pet is unwell.

Cremation costs if your pet dies. You may be covered for the cost of its burial or cremation. Some policies will also cover the price you paid for the pet.

Multi-pet insurance doesn't cover everything. So it's important to read a policy thoroughly before paying. Routine costs are usually excluded, along with dental care, unless it's needed because of an accident. You'll also need to factor in the cost of your excess, if you do make a claim.

What are the benefits of multi-pet insurance?

The benefits of multi-pet insurance can include:

  • Discount for insuring more than one pet, usually of around 10%. This isn't guaranteed but a nice bonus some insurers offer.
  • Less paperwork as it’s all included under one policy instead of having different insurers and policies for each pet. You'll also just have one renewal date to remember.
  • Same level of cover for any pets that are listed on the policy with most multi-pet insurance policies.

Before choosing a multi-pet policy, it's worth checking the price of two separate policies. There's no guarantee a multi-pet policy will be cheaper, even with the discount. So it's important to compare multi-pet insurance prices and policies before you buy.

What do I need to get a quote?

All you need to get a pet insurance quote is:

  • Your pets' names and birthdays
  • Your details and address
  • Details of your pets' health
  • Their breeds and pedigrees
  • Details of their micro-chip (if they have one)
  • Their vaccination details. If you're unsure, check out our vaccinations guide
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