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The overall picture

Car insurance prices U-turn for the first time in three years.

Car insurance prices have reversed by -£13 (-2%), since last year, according to the latest car insurance price index powered by Willis Towers Watson. However, 70% of drivers say their car insurance premium went up at point of renewal.

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Comprehensive car insurance price index

Q2 2013 - Q1 2018 - Average price per quarter


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Average prices by region

Scotland bucks the downward trend with swathe of price increases.

Regions across Scotland face price hikes, particularly the Borders. Premiums in this area are up by +£32, equivalent to +6%. While drivers living within Inner London are the only motorists who can expect to pay over £1,000 for car insurance.

How are other regions affected?

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Average prices by age

Most age brackets have seen prices decline.

Most age brackets have seen their prices decline this quarter, with the exception of a few. 68 year olds will be groaning as their premiums rise by +£40 (+8%) since last year. While 18 year olds are paying the highest bills, £2,114 on average.

How does my age change my insurance costs?

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Average prices by gender

Gap closes between car insurance costs for men and women.

Men are paying £95 more than women for their car insurance, closing the gap by £19 on last quarter.

How can women keep their insurance costs down?

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Tip from Amanda, our motoring expert

"Finally drivers can see the end of rising car insurance costs in sight. However, many are not seeing these savings reflected in their renewal letters. It’s more important than ever to shop around for a better deal."

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Amanda Stretton - motoring editor