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The overall picture

Car insurance prices increase in 12 months

Car insurance prices have increased by £23 (3%) in 12 months, according to the latest car insurance price index powered by Willis Towers Watson. This is the second consecutive quarter where prices are more expensive than the previous year. Drivers can now expect to pay £783 for a typical comprehensive car insurance policy.

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Comprehensive car insurance price index

Q4 2013 - Q1 2019 - Average price per quarter


Average prices by region

Premiums across UK regions increase by as much as £69 in 12 months

The cost of car insurance increased the most in Northern Ireland, with prices now £69 (8%) more expensive than 12 months ago. Drivers in the region now pay £942 for car insurance, on average. Meanwhile, drivers in Inner London pay the most, with the average cost of car insurance now £1,213.

How are other regions affected?

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Average prices by age

Car insurance price increase the most for 23-year-olds.

Car insurance prices increased for nearly all drivers over the past year. In particular, prices for 23-year-olds have increased the most, rising by £45 (4%) year-on-year. Drivers of this age now pay £1,306, for car insurance, on average. Meanwhile, 18-year-olds pay the most, with the average price for this age now £2,067.

How does my age change my insurance costs?

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Average prices by gender

Men pay more than women for car insurance

Men are paying £84 more than women for their car insurance.

How can women keep their insurance costs down?

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Tip from Amanda, our motoring expert

“For drivers, buying car insurance is a must. And it’s really disheartening to know that prices are going up over the year. This is the second time this year we have seen the cost of car insurance reach more than the previous year. And given recent investigations into car insurance pricing, the situation could only get worse if new measures mean insurers ramp up the price for new customers.”

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Amanda Stretton - motoring editor
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