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The overall picture

Car insurance prices are £60 more expensive than a year ago.

Car insurance prices have accelerated 8% in a year equivalent to a rise of £60, according to the latest car insurance price index powered by Willis Towers Watson. This means a driver can now expect to pay £827 for a typical comprehensive car insurance policy.

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Comprehensive car insurance price index

Q1 2013 - Q4 2017 - Average price per quarter


Average prices by region

Motorists in the Borders of Scotland hit hardest by price hikes.

The Borders of Scotland have seen the greatest annual increase in the cost of their car insurance, more than any other area of the UK. Premiums increased by £92 on average, a percentage rise of 17%.

Average prices by age

Price rises for younger and older drivers.

Motorists aged 65 and 67 have seen the cost of their premiums rise by 13% year-on-year. While drivers aged between 18 and 23 have seen their car insurance go up by over £100.

Average prices by gender

Men still pay more for their car insurance than women, despite five-year EU gender directive anniversary.

Men are paying £114 more than women for their car insurance. Even though the rules prohibit insurers to assess a driver’s risk on their gender, the data shows men still have poorer claims experience than women, based on the value of claims, and this is reflected in the price of their premiums. This is linked to the fact that men tend to drive more expensive cars with larger engines than women and, on average, they have more convictions.

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