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What's the difference between standard broadband and fibre optic?

Standard broadband is called ADSL, or ADSL2+ to give it its correct name. With ADSL2+ you'll typically get speeds of up to 16Mbps but depending on how far away you are from the exchange, you could get a much slower connection than that.

With fibre optic broadband, depending on which provider you choose you could get a connection as fast as 152Mbps. How does this make a difference to your browsing? Well, the faster the connection, the quicker things load, like emails, YouTube videos, websites and streaming sites like Netflix.

However, with a faster connection, typically comes a more expensive tariff, which is why it's a good idea to compare providers against each other.

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Why shop around for broadband?

Each provider offers different bundles, whether that's high-speed broadband, unlimited usage or a cheap deal.

If you've been with the same provider for a number of years you might not be on the best deal for you.

The benefits of switching could include:

  • Cheaper monthly payments
  • A faster connection
  • Increased download limits

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