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Compare broadband deals and save up to £179*

We've partnered with Uswitch to compare their best broadband deals available to you. 

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*£179 is the calculated savings figure from February 2024, which details the potential amount a customer could save per year by choosing a broadband deal on Uswitch.

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Why compare broadband deals with Confused.com and Uswitch?

We've partnered with Uswitch to compare their best broadband deals available to you.

Uswitch is a leading provider of broadband and mobile deals in the UK. They offer exclusive personalised deals, expert guidance and a hassle-free process which takes just minutes to complete.

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What is the best broadband deal for me?

Your broadband needs will differ depending on your household, so there’s no one size fits all. To get the best broadband deal you’ll need to consider:

  • Where you live
  • The services you need
  • How many people are using the connection

Where you live is an important consideration as not all types of broadband are available everywhere. You’ll need to make sure the providers and deals are available where you live.

If you’re living in a more rural area, you may not have the option of fibre optic broadband. So your high-speed broadband choices will be limited.

Don’t waste time looking for deals you can’t get. Enter your postcode to get started and you’ll be shown the deals that are available where you live. 

The services you need, like connection speed and broadband usage allowance. You’ll need a higher broadband speed and allowance if you regularly use TV streaming services, game online or have multiple devices at home connected at once.

Look out for the minimum average broadband speed the provider offers. This gives you an idea of how fast web pages load, files download and the time streaming takes to buffer. If your household is a heavy broadband user, you should be looking for a faster speed.

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How much does broadband cost?

The cost of broadband can vary significantly as there are so many different deals to choose from. The best way to get an accurate price for your broadband is to enter your postcode and you’ll be shown the list of deals available in your area.

As well as monthly prices, you’ll see a breakdown of setup costs for things like equipment, delivery and service activation. Depending on the provider and type of broadband, you may need an existing or new phone line installed to use the broadband. The prices shown include any line rental that comes with the deal.

With this clear breakdown of costs you should be able to quickly work out what’s within your budget.

How do I get a cheaper broadband deal?

You can find the best deal for you by using Uswitch’s broadband comparison service. Compare a range of broadband-only deals to find the best price and package for your needs.

Most UK households pay for some form of broadband, TV or phone service. Combining these bills into a single, monthly payment is known as a bundle. Paying for a bundle can be cheaper than paying for all three separately. Perfect if you’re looking to save yourself some cash every year.

For more information on consolidating your bills into a handy bundle check out our broadband, TV and phone packages.

What are the different types of broadband?

Standard broadband is called ADSL, or ADSL2+ to give it its correct name. With ADSL2+ you’ll typically get speeds of up to 16Mbps. Depending on how far away you are from the exchange, you could get a much slower connection than that.

The faster the connection, the quicker things load, like emails, YouTube videos and streaming services like Netflix.

But, a faster connection typically leads to a more expensive tariff. This is why it’s a good idea to compare broadband providers and make sure you’re getting the best deal.

A business broadband connection can be very different from a home service. As a business, your broadband usage is likely to be much higher – so fast, reliable internet access is a necessity.

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What is a good broadband speed?

A good broadband speed is around 11Mbps for standard broadband. Faster broadband speeds can reach 100Mbps or higher.

Do you need a phone line for broadband?

Most broadband providers require you to have an active phone line. You can get broadband without a phone line, but your options will be limited.

How do I check my broadband speed?

You can check your broadband speed online using a broadband speed checker. Most providers have their own speed tests which measure both your download and upload speeds.

Can I get fibre broadband?

You can get fibre broadband if you live in an area with fibre network coverage. Most UK towns and cities now have access to fibre broadband.

Please note: Broadband providers may increase monthly prices in line with the retail or consumer price index each year during the length of your contract. Please refer to the individual broadband provider's terms and conditions before signing up.

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