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The Pass Plus scheme was introduced to help improve the skills of drivers who had just passed their tests.

But how does Pass Plus work and is it worth the money? Here we look at what the Pass Plus scheme involves and whether it can mean discounted car insurance costs.

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It’s a practical training course that takes at least 6 hours to complete. The aim is to help drivers to improve their skills and become safer on the road.

The 6 modules covers driving:

  • In town
  • In all weathers
  • On rural roads
  • At night
  • On dual carriageways
  • On motorways

You don’t take a test but are assessed throughout. To pass you need to reach the required standard in all modules.

The main draw of the Pass Plus Scheme is the discounted car insurance costs. But insurers don’t always offer a discount for drivers who have completed the Pass Plus scheme.


  • It may reduce your insurance costs
  • It helps improve your confidence on the road
  • It teaches you skills you may have not covered in much detail in your lessons
  • You can practice driving in all conditions so you're prepared for the worst


  • It costs moneys
  • It requires more time dedicated towards learning to drive
  • There's no guarantee the Pass Plus scheme reduces your car insurance costs

You can take it any time after passing your driving test. But it’s most useful in the first year of driving as this is when the chance of crashing is at its highest.

You need a Pass Plus-registered driving instructor to teach you. You can check the GOV.UK website to find a driving school near you.

It usually costs between £150 and £200 for the Pass Plus course, but this varies depending on where you live. Some local councils offer discounts so it’s worth asking what’s available.

According to our data, a Pass Plus course could reduce your insurance costs by 15%. Your average annual car insurance price with a pass plus qualification is £532*. Without it, the average car insurance price is £627. 

But a lower insurance price isn’t always guaranteed.

What our car insurance expert says

"There's no hard and fast rule as to whether insurers offer a discount. It could help reduce your costs, but this may vary between providers.

“If you're a nervous driver, boosting your confidence and safety skills behind the wheel will be beneficial regardless of the insurance discount. Plus it could help save on your insurance in the long run - being a safer driver and avoiding accidents helps build your no-claims bonus over time."

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If you pass, you can apply for your own Pass Plus certificate from the DVSA Pass Plus team at

You also receive a training report from your instructor after reaching the required standard.

If you want to bolster your driving skills even more, you can take an advanced driver course through IAM RoadSmart. Here are some of the benefits of taking an advanced driving course:

  • Boost your confidence on the road and It could possibly help reduce your car insurance.
  • Practice skills at an advanced level, like control, observation, timing and road positioning. Your instructor also goes through how to deal with unpredictable roads and other road users’ behaviour.

After the test at the end of the course you're likely to be a fully-certified expert driver. The IAM RoadSmart course costs around £149.

For more information, read our advanced driving courses guide.

* data. July 2022 - June 2023. Comprehensive policies only.

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