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Meet our experts and consumer champions

Get to know the teams who are the driving force behind everything we do. Our experts and consumer champions are dedicated to helping our customers find the best deal for their needs and budget.

We also work with a group of external contributors who bring their expertise and insight to our content. 

Our expert panel

Our expert panel is carefully selected based on their unmatched knowledge and experience in the insurance and personal finance sectors. They work closely with our product specialists to review all of our content to ensure we are providing accurate information.

Steve Dukes, CEO at Confused.com
Steve Dukes Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Steve is an accomplished executive with a 20-year career in the financial services industry. As CEO of Confused.com...

Joe Hall - Senior Compliance and Risk Manager at Confused.com
Joe Hall Senior Compliance & Risk Manager

Joe’s area of expertise focuses on regulatory, compliance and risk considerations.

Stephen Adams, Fraud Manager at Confused.com
Stephen Adams Fraud Manager

Stephen had a background in catering and retail when he decided to carve a new career path for himself in the Financial…

Jen Clauson - Confused.com expert
Jen Clauson Compliance & Risk Executive

Jen works in the regulatory and compliance team at Confused.com

Our editorial standards and how we work

At Confused.com, we follow a strict editorial policy to ensure the information we provide is honest, accurate and impartial of any insurer.

Editorial standards:

We’re impartial and have to be. All of our writers, product experts and key contributors follow the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) rules to ensure you get fair and honest information. 

Our customers are important to us, as without you we wouldn’t have a reason to exist. We empower you by having a fantastic team of product experts to help get you a great deal.



How we work:

Whatever you do on our site, it’s always free for you to use. After you’ve bought a policy through us, the insurance company pays us a fee for getting them your business.

The amount we get paid has no bearing on the premiums you pay or what we show you. The insurers cannot legally inflate the prices based on how much they pay us.

Our product specialists

Our product specialists are dedicated to guiding you through the intricacies of insurance and financial products.

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at Confused.com
Louise Thomas Motor Insurance Expert

Louise joined us in 2020 from Veygo UK where she spent time in marketing before becoming a product owner...

Matthew Harwood, Home & lifestyle insurance expert at Confused.com
Matthew Harwood Home & lifestyle insurance expert

Matthew joined the Confused.com team in 2020, bringing with him a wealth of experience from his previous role as a Key Account...

Claire Flynn, Senior Content Editor at Mojo
Claire Flynn Senior Content Editor | Mojo, Mortgages Expert | Confused.com

Claire is a highly accomplished Content Editor with extensive experience in the mortgage and property industry...

Alex Ryde
Alex Ryde SME Product Specialist | Confused.com

Alex joined in 2019, bringing his expertise to a range of roles working in both the Analytics and Commercial teams...

Alvaro Iturmendi - Confused.com travel insurance expert
Alvaro Iturmendi Travel insurance expert

Alvaro joined the marketing team at RVU in 2021 before taking up his role as the travel insurance product owner at Confused.com...

Faith Tagg - Confused.com pet insurance expert
Faith Tagg Pet insurance expert

Faith joined Confused.com in 2023 as part of the product team looking after our product journeys...

Content from our experts

Meet our authors

Find out more about the team that brings you informative articles and helpful guides.

Jamie Gibbs, Editorial Content Manager at Confused.com
Jamie Gibbs Lead Writer

Jamie’s career in the insurance industry began at Admiral in 2011 where he enrolled in their Graduate Management Programme…

Alice Campion,  Senior Editorial Content Executive at Confused.com
Alice Campion Senior Writer

Alice joined Confused.com in 2017 and is a senior editorial executive for the Editorial content team. She mainly focuses on content and copy for...

Claire Flynn, Senior Content Editor at Mojo
Claire Flynn Senior Content Editor | Mojo, Mortgages Expert | Confused.com

Claire is a highly accomplished Content Editor with extensive experience in the mortgage and property industry...

Megan Rahou, Content Manager at Confused.com
Megan Rahou Content Manager

Megan joined Confused.com in 2024 as a Content Manager. Since joining, Megan has developed a strategy to take Confused.com's content to the next level...

Bethan Daley,  Content Editor at Confused.com
Bethan Daley Content Editor

Bethan joined Confused.com in 2024 as a member of the content team. Since starting, she has written a variety of guides, and is particularly interested in...

Rhys Andrew, Content Editor at Confused.com
Rhys Andrew Content Editor

Rhys joined Confused.com in 2024 as part of the editorial content team. His primary focus is creating and reviewing copy and content for the website, social media and PR...

Content from our authors


From time to time we work with a selection of external contributors to bring you their expert insight.

Tom Hall, Vice President at Lonely Planet
Tom Hall Vice President | Lonely Planet

Tom kicked off his career at Lonely Planet in 2003, packing books in the warehouse. And over the last 20 years he has continued to...

Ben Smithson, Senior Writer at Points Guy
Ben Smithson Senior Writer | Points Guy

Ben practised finance law for 9 years before deciding to make a bit of a career change. He moved into finance and travel journalism...

Nic Hopkirk, Senior Editor at Zoopla
Nic Hopkirk Senior Editor | Zoopla

Nic’s journalism career started at a local newspaper in 1998, which opened the door to numerous other writing roles...

Marc Pell, Managing Director at Tempcover
Marc Pell Managing Director | Tempcover

Marc is responsible for Tempcover's overall strategy, policy, performance, and partnerships...

Ben Gallizzi, Senior Content Editor at Uswitch
Ben Gallizzi Senior Content Editor | Uswitch

Ben started his career as a Content Strategist at RocketMill, specialising in digital marketing. Then, he became a Content & Social...

Lucinda O'Brien, Senior Content Editor at Money.co.uk
Lucinda O'Brien Senior Content Editor | Money.co.uk

Since joining Money.co.uk, Lucinda’s personal finance insights have been regularly featured in the media...

Salman Haqqi, Senior Content Editor at Money.co.uk
Salman Haqqi Senior Content Editor | Uswitch

Salman Haqqi is an accomplished journalist with a decade-long career. He has traversed the world of music in the USA, and then world of investigative journalism Pakistan...

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Our consumer champions

We've partnered with a network of consumer champions - a group of money-saving experts dedicated to helping people make the most of their finances.

Timi Merriman-Johnson, Financial Expert at Mr Monyejar
Timi Merriman-Johnson Financial Expert | Mr MoneyJar

Timi Merriman-Johnson is an accomplished financial expert, renowned for his exceptional work in the field of financial education...

Alice Beer, Consumer Journalist of ITV'S This Morning
Alice Beer Consumer Journalist

Alice Beer is the Consumer Editor of ITV’s This Morning, where she has the reputation as a fearless and thorough consumer expert...