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Do quad bikes need insurance?

You only need quad bike insurance if you're riding on public roads.

If you're only riding off road, you won't need to insure it.

But if you ride on public roads at all, even if it's for a matter of minutes, you'll need insurance. You're also allowed to carry passengers on your quad, but only if it's designed to carry passengers and has the correct amount of seats. It’s important to ask the manufacturer if you aren’t sure.

You'll also need tax, an MOT certificate and a valid licence.

How to find quad bike insurance

Quad bikes and All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) are non-standard vehicles, which might make them difficult to insure. Some motorbike insurance providers might not even offer you cover due to the risks associated with riding them, especially when it comes to making them road-legal. That’s where our partner BeMoto could help.

BeMoto lets you compare quotes online from a wide range of approved motorbike insurers. In just a few minutes you can get a quad insurance quote that meets your needs and your budget.

BeMoto works with a panel of trusted insurers to provide affordable quad bike cover for a range of road-legal quad bikes, utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) and ATVs.

BeMoto offers:

  • £100,000 of motor legal protection cover on all policies
  • No broker fees for making changes to your policy
  • Cover tailored to suit you and your quad, ATV or UTV

BeMoto quad bike insurance

Compare insurance deals with BeMoto

What does quad bike insurance cover?

Exactly what you’re covered for depends on what level of quad bike insurance you choose.


  • Third-party insurance covers other people, their vehicles and property for damage costs that occur after an accident that’s your fault.
  • Third-party, fire and theft insurance (TPFT) offers the same protections as third-party only, and also covers fire damage and theft of your quad bike.
  • Comprehensive insurance has the same benefits of TPFT, and also covers the cost to repair or replace your quad bike after an accident.

How do I make a quad road legal?

Many quads fail to meet the strict safety standards needed to ride them on the road. So if you want to ride your quad on public roads, it’s essential you make it road legal.

To be allowed on UK roads quad bikes and ATVs must:

  • Be tested and ‘type approved’. You can apply for this at GOV.UK.
  • Be registered and taxed. Agricultural and horticultural quads might not need to pay tax.
  • Have a valid MOT if the bike is older than three years.
  • Have a valid insurance policy.

In England, Scotland and Wales there’s no legal requirement to wear a helmet if you’re riding a quad bike. However, while you aren’t obliged by law to wear a helmet it’s still a sensible bit of safety kit - especially if you’re riding on public roads. In Northern Ireland the law is different and you could be fined £500 if you’re caught riding a quad bike without a crash helmet.

Make sure you do your homework on the rules and regulations before you hit the road. For more information, visit the GOV.UK website.

When do you need to tax a quad?

You need to tax a quad if:

  • You’re using it on public roads, even if this is only to drive to off-road riding spots
  • You’re parking it on a public road
  • It’s a farm quad, but you’re driving it further than 1.5km on public roads

You don’t need to tax your quad if:

  • You only ever ride it off road
  • Its never parked on a public road
  • It’s a farm quad and you drive it less than 1.5km on public roads

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What licence do I need for a quad bike?

If you want to ride your quad bike on the road, you need either:

  • A full UK car driving licence
  • A category B1 licence (if issued before 1997)

If you’re using your quad bike exclusively off-road, you don’t need a driving licence to ride it.

For more information, check out our guide on driving licence categories and codes.

Do I need insurance for an agricultural quad?

As with any quad bike, it depends on where you plan on riding:

  • If the bike never leaves the farm, you don’t have to get insurance for it as it’s classed as being off-road
  • If you spend any amount of time on a public road, you must have at least third-party cover for it

Even if you don’t have to get cover for your farm quad, insurance could be worth thinking about. Quad bikes can be a tempting target for thieves, and you could find yourself out of pocket if you damage your quad while working.

It’s worth remembering that if you’re using your quad bike for farm work, you need to register it as a light agricultural vehicle.

What our motorbike insurance expert says

Whether it’s used for work or for a bit of fun on the weekend, if you use a quad on a public road you need insurance. Your options can be quite limited shopping around online, so calling BeMoto could see you get a competitive quote.
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