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Find travel insurance for your business trip

  • Get a quote from just £3.56*

  • Compare quotes from up to 40 insurers

  • Compare some policies with covid cover

*The cheapest Business policy is £3.56 (based on 1 adult aged 31, with no previous medical conditions selecting cover for a business trip and travelling in Europe for up to 3 nights). Prices correct on the 28/02/2022.

Can I get travel insurance that covers COVID-19?

Yes, you can still compare and purchase travel insurance with COVID-19 cover from Confused.com. All of our providers offer emergency medical treatment and repatriation (returning to the UK) for COVID-19 claims.

A number of our providers offer further COVID-19 related cover such as holiday cancellations and accommodation costs and denied boarding. Be sure to check the details of your policy carefully as different providers will offer different policy enhancements.

It's important to note that if you travel against advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), you won't be covered by any travel insurance policy you buy.

What is business travel insurance?

A business travel insurance policy covers you when you’re on a business trip rather than going on a holiday. Business travel insurance is similar to standard travel insurance but it also covers things like business equipment and company money.

To get a policy that includes business cover, when you get a quote, you’ll need to select business cover as an extra. We’ll then show you a range of quotes from insurance companies who offer business cover.

Do I need business travel insurance?

If you're travelling for work, you should take out business travel insurance rather than holiday insurance.

Your employer may already have cover in place for business trips, but if not, it’s worth considering your own policy to cover you while you’re away. You’ll certainly need business travel insurance if you’re travelling on business and you're self-employed.

Business travel insurance gives you additional cover that’s specifically suited for business trips. For example, a standard travel insurance policy won’t provide cover for business equipment such as laptops and phones. If you’re travelling for work, the best way to make sure all your possessions and work equipment are safe is by getting a business travel insurance policy.

What does business travel insurance cover?

Business travel insurance is designed to cover the needs of those travelling on business, but you’ll also still get the more basic type of cover you get with standard travel insurance.

The level of cover and policy features with your business travel insurance policy can vary from insurer to insurer. It’s important to check what’s included in your business travel insurance policy before buying to make sure you’ve got the cover you need.

Your business travel insurance policy will typically include:

  • Business equipment including laptops, tablets, phones, and other personal belongings
  • Sports equipment such as golf clubs and tennis rackets
  • Extra expenses that may come from missed connections
  • Company money can be covered if it’s lost or stolen
  • Alternative travel arrangements if your flights are cancelled or delayed
  • If your airline goes bust and you need to cover travel expenses

As with standard travel insurance, you’ll also get:

  • Cancellation cover in case any travel or accommodation is cancelled
  • Medical treatment and transport back to the UK if you’re injured or become ill
  • Baggage cover to insure your personal possessions against theft, loss or accidental damage

What type of business travel insurance do I need?

The type of business travel insurance you need depends on how often you travel and where you’re going.

How often you travel will determine if you need:

  • Single trip travel insurance
  • Multi-trip travel insurance

Single trip travel insurance is suitable if you’ll only be making one trip within the next 12 months. This insures you for the duration of your business trip.

Multi trip business travel insurance, also known as annual travel insurance, might be cheaper if you’ll be going on more than one trip in the next year. Multi-trip travel insurance covers multiple trips throughout a year under one simple policy.

Where you’re going will also influence the type of business travel insurance you need. Different countries require varying levels of travel cover. You’ll select your destination when you get a business travel insurance quote with us so your cover will be tailored to your needs.

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How much does business travel insurance cost?

The cost of your business travel insurance policy depends on certain things, including:

  • Where you’re travelling to
  • Length of trip
  • Your age
  • Activities such as winter sports

As with insurance in general, the cost of business travel insurance will partly relate to the level of risk – the higher the risk, the more you pay. For instance, those aged 65 or over tend to pay more for their insurance as they’re viewed as more of a risk from a health perspective.

Medical costs are also higher in certain countries than others. You can expect to pay more for business travel insurance covering you for trips Worldwide – including, US, Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico versus annual European travel insurance.

If you’re going to be doing winter sports or higher risk activities like mountain climbing, then the cost of your travel insurance is likely to be higher as you’ll need additional cover.

The cost will also be higher for longer trips. However, if you’ll be doing more than one trip within a 12 month period it might work out cheaper to take out annual multi-trip travel insurance rather single trip travel insurance.

Are there any exclusions with a business travel insurance policy?

Exclusions on a business travel insurance policy are the same as with a standard travel insurance policy. You can expect the following to be excluded from your business travel cover:

  • Travelling against Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice
  • Incidents involving alcohol and drugs
  • Any pre-existing conditions that you didn’t declare
  • Not reporting certain events within 24 hours
  • Injuries or claims from taking part in risky activities

Travelling against Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) advice will mean any policy you have won’t be valid. For example if there are known reasons not to visit a country or region.

Incidents involving alcohol and drugs are also excluded for claims.

Any pre-existing conditions that you didn’t declare when you bought your policy won’t be covered.

Not reporting certain events within 24 hours of them happening. If you were to have something stolen or have an accident, you should report it to your insurer as soon as possible.

Injuries or claims from taking part in risky activities and sports may not be covered. If you’re planning on doing winter sports, you’ll need to add this to your policy.

Can I get a business travel insurance quote if I have a serious, pre-existing medical condition?

Usually, yes. If you’re looking for business travel insurance and have a pre-existing medical condition, using Confused.com to compare quotes could help.

Pre-existing medical conditions include things like high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, stroke as well as heart and respiratory problems.

The cost of your cover is likely to be higher if the insurer believes the pre-existing condition means you have a high chance of requiring medical services while on holiday.

Some insurers may not offer you travel insurance if you have a serious medical condition, especially if you’re undergoing treatment/waiting for an operation.

You should always tell the truth about pre-existing medical conditions when you get a travel insurance quote – otherwise you could find your claims won’t be paid by the insurer.

What our travel insurance expert says

Make sure you have the right cover in place before you travel - standard policies won’t cover you for business equipment or loss of company money. The last thing you need is to pay out for any lost equipment while on a work trip!
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Jac Morris

Travel insurance product executive

Need more help?

Does standard travel insurance cover business trips?

No, a standard travel insurance policy won’t have the right level of cover for business trips. Your business equipment, such as laptops and phones, wouldn’t be covered on a standard travel policy.

To make sure you’re covered for business trips, select business cover when getting your quote.

Can I add extras on to my business travel insurance policy?

Yes. If you’re planning on taking part in activities like winter sports on your trip, you can add cover for them into your policy when you’re getting a quote.

Is business travel insurance a legal requirement?

No form of travel insurance is a legal requirement. However, if you travel without an insurance policy, and something of yours was stolen or you had an accident, you may have to foot the entire bill.

Getting a business travel insurance policy with the right level of cover means you can focus on your business trip, knowing that your equipment and any cancellations are likely to be covered.

Am I covered by ABTA or ATOL?

You may or may not be protected by ABTA or ATOL, depending on how/where you’ve booked your trip. ABTA protection means you’d get a refund if your travel company were to go bust.

Most flights booked as part of a package holiday will be ATOL protected, which means holiday makers are refunded their flight costs if their tour operator collapses. Business trips will not necessarily have ABTA or ATOL protection.

Can I get additional cover for sports and leisure activities?

Yes, you can add additional cover for sports and leisure activities. Although most of these will already be covered by your policy, you may need to take out extra cover if you’re going to be doing higher risk activities like skiing, mountain climbing or hang-gliding.

Can I use my EHIC / GHIC cards on business travel?

Yes. Although the UK has left the EU, you can still use your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as long as it hasn’t already expired. If you don’t have an EHIC, you can apply for its replacement, the Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). The GHIC gives you state healthcare in most European countries at a reduced cost or sometimes for free.

However, the EHIC or GHIC aren’t considered a replacement for a travel insurance policy. If you’re going on a business trip, you should still have business travel insurance in place.

Does my bank or credit card company provide cover?

You might have an annual travel insurance policy through your bank, which they could be billing you for on an annual basis, and which could be part of a package of benefits.

If you have a travel insurance policy through your bank, you should check the policy wording, particularly as it may not cover the things you get with a business travel insurance policy.

How do I make a claim on my business travel insurance?

If you need to make a claim you should contact your insurer as soon as possible, and within 24 hours of any incident.

Look for information about making a claim on your policy booklet or on your insurer’s website. Many insurers have a 24-hour emergency phone number to help you with your claims.

It’s important to keep relevant receipts and any documents/evidence to back up your claim and keep these to hand. Your insurer may ask you for your policy number when you contact them.

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