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Motor excess insurance

Get motor excess insurance with our partner Questor Insurance

  • Quick and easy claim process with online submission and monitoring

  • Claim as many times as you need, up to the annual policy limit

  • Successful claims pay out the same day once agreed

What is motor or car insurance excess?

When buying motor insurance, you’re typically liable for a fixed amount that you’ll need to pay out if you make a claim. This is known as an excess and usually comes in the form of a compulsory and voluntary excess.

So if, for example, your excess is £400 and there’s £1,000 worth of damage done to your vehicle, the insurer will keep £400 and will pay you £600.

If the claim is deemed to be someone else’s fault, this excess may be waived. This isn’t always the case, so it’s worth checking your policy’s terms and conditions.

Compulsory excess vs voluntary excess

Compulsory excess is a fixed amount you must pay towards the cost of an insurance claim. Things like your vehicle type, experience as a driver and your age can all impact your excess. Young drivers typically have a high compulsory excess as insurers see them as high-risk.

Voluntary excess works a little differently, as the amount is set by the policyholder. Increasing your voluntary excess can often be a good way of lowering the initial cost of your insurance. However, this increases the amount you’ll be liable to pay if you were to be involved in an accident.

Learn more about compulsory and voluntary excess.

What is motor excess insurance?

Motor excess insurance is a policy that’s separate from your motor insurance policy. It protects against paying a large excess in the event of a claim. Generally it can be used to cover a car, van or bike policy, but there are some exceptions.

It’s common for drivers to increase motor policy excesses to keep prices down. But if you have to claim, this can leave you with a large cost to pay. Motor excess insurance:

  • Insures the excess on your Motor Insurance Policy.
  • Pays out when your claim amount on your motor insurance policy exceeds your policy excess.
  • Allows you to claim as many times as you need, up to the annual policy limit shown on the certificate of insurance.

If you’re concerned about a high excess on your policy or want to reduce your insurance costs, motor excess insurance can help.

Who can get motor excess insurance?

To be eligible for motor excess insurance you must:

  • Hold a valid full UK driving licence or a full internationally recognised licence
  • Be a permanent resident of the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man
  • Be between the age of 24 and 84
  • Have a valid motor insurance policy in place at the time of the loss for which an excess is deducted.

Motor excess can only be used to cover certain types of vehicles:

  • A car that’s used for private purposes, designed to carry passengers and their belongings. It shouldn’t be able to carry more than seven passengers.
  • A motor vehicle that’s used for commercial purposes, not Exceeding an uploaded weight of 3.5 tonnes. The vehicle can’t be used as a taxi, minicab, limousine or driving school, or any hire and reward purpose.
  • A motorcycle that’s powered by an engine.

Get a motor excess insurance quote

How does motor excess insurance work?

We’ve partnered with Questor Insurance to help you find motor excess insurance that suits you. Questor offer 3 cover levels for you to choose from:

  • £350
  • £750
  • £1,000

You can purchase your policy online at any time. it doesn’t have to run concurrently with your motor insurance.

How do I make a claim?

Questor’s sister company Orchard Administration will handle your claim on behalf of the Insurer. Orchard have an online claim portal which makes it simple to submit and monitor your claim. Successful claims pay out the same day once agreed.

You’ll need your certificate number and claim scheme code.

These are shown on the certificate of insurance.

To make a claim on your motor excess insurance, the claim on your standard motor insurance must:

  • Be settled by your Insurer and the excess deducted before a payment can be made under Questor’s excess insurance.
  • Be greater than the excess to obtain a reimbursement under the excess policy.

All you need to do to prove a loss is to provide an Insurer’s letter showing the policy excess deducted once the motor policy claim is approved.

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