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Contents insurance calculator

Work out the value of your contents the easy way

The average value of a home's contents is £51,646*. But the actual amount of cover you need depends on how much you own and how valuable it all is.

Getting the right amount of contents insurance is important. Take out too little, and your policy may not pay out enough to replace your possessions if disaster strikes. But overestimate, and you could be paying for cover you don’t need.

This is where our contents insurance calculator can help. Fill in the fields and it’ll quickly calculate how much cover you need. Once you’ve decided on an amount, get a quote to compare deals and find the best policy for you.

*Confused.com data 25/03/2023 to 20/06/2023

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How can I get cheaper cover?

There are a few ways to get a cheaper contents insurance quote:

Change your excess: The amount you agree to pay towards the cost of a claim can affect the overall cost of your policy. Our data shows those who chose to pay £250 towards the cost of a claim paid 20% less for their contents insurance than those who chose to pay £0*. Just make sure you choose an excess amount you can realistically pay if you need to make a claim.

Pay annually instead of monthly: While it can be convenient to pay monthly, paying annually for your cover is often far cheaper. In fact, our data shows that paying annually could save you up to 20%* on your contents insurance.

Upgrade your home’s security: These reduce your risk of being burgled. And the lower your risk, the lower your insurance costs could be. Burglar alarms, secure locks and CCTV cameras are all great ways of improving your home’s security.

Insure yourself for the right amount: Taking out too much cover means you’re paying for insurance you don’t need. As an example, the average policy price for £50,000-£59,999 of cover is £173. But for £40,000-£49,999 of cover it’s £136**. So getting it right could save you a fair amount.

*Confused.com data 01/01/2023 to 20/06/2023
**Confused.com data 25/03/2023 to 22/06/2023

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