Contents calculator

Struggling to work out the value of your contents?

Before you get a contents insurance quote, you'll need to know how much your possessions are worth.

Our handy contents calculator can make it easy for you to work out the value of your belongings. 

To begin, simply select the value of the items you have in each room of your house using the dropdown menus.

Tips to help you get started:

  • Do your research to help estimate the cost of your items if you were to replace them with new.

  • Be careful, overestimating goods might mean paying a high premium for cover you don't need.

Just as overestimating can result in high premiums, it can also be easy to underestimate the value of the things that make up your home.

So it's important to be as accurate as you can, as you don’t want to be left underinsured if you need to make a claim.

Once you've used the calculator to get your total, you're ready to get a quote. Or visit our contents insurance page to get more information about insuring your belongings.

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Contents insurance

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