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Why do I need student contents insurance?

Contents insurance is designed to protect your belongings, giving you peace of mind while you’re away from home.

  • It's a policy that could protect your stuff against loss, damage or theft
  • Standard policies usually cover items like your clothes, bookselectronics and musical instruments if they're worth under £1,000
  • You could get extra cover for high-risk items like laptops and bikes
  • Some policies offer add-ons to protect against accidental damage and loss

The average student heading off to university takes around £1,400 worth of items with them*. That price excludes things like clothes, bikes and musical instruments. So the total could be much higher.

Julia Alpan at Endsleigh says:

"It's common to assume that when you're in uni, your belongings will be protected by your parent's contents insurance policy. This isn't always the case.

You also shouldn't rely on your university accommodation or landlord to protect you. They'll usually only offer a basic level of insurance, which may only protect a small range of possessions. Even then, the policy may only cover your stuff if it's stolen from your room with signs of forced entry. This can be the same if you're relying on cover from your parent's policy.

If you're in any doubt what you're protected against, check any cover you already have. But be aware it may not offer all the cover you need."

For more details, check out our guide to tenants' insurance.

*Endsleigh brand & possessions research, May 2019

Top tips when getting insured

Make the most of your policy by checking the following:

  • The terms and conditions, as some policies may have specific requirements. For example, locking the bedroom door when leaving the house.

  • Don't assume your things are covered by your parent's home insurance policies. Parental policies will often have certain exclusions which won't give a student the full cover they need.

  • The excess before buying, as it might not be worth paying £250 excess for a £300 laptop.

  • The period of cover, as the policy may not cover your belongings when term time ends if you're relying on your parents' insurance.

How can I reduce the cost of student insurance?

1. Compare prices
It sounds obvious but simply shopping around and comparing insurers can save you money. Comparing like for like policies can help you find the best deal.

2. Annual payment
It may seem tempting to pay on a monthly basis, but be aware there’s often an interest charge applied. If you can afford to pay in one lump sum you’ll save money in the long run.

3. Build your no-claims bonus
If it’s your first time getting contents insurance then this won’t apply, but the more years you go without claiming you should receive a discount from insurers.

4. Security measures
It’s essential to have the correct locks on your doors and windows. This will help minimise the risk of break-ins and could help reduce your insurance costs.

Staying safe and secure

As a student, the last thing you'll want to worry about is having to fork out money to replace your stuff after a theft or burglary.

With contents insurance, you can protect yourself against theft and even get cover for damage or loss.

You might have lots of expensive gadgets such as laptops that appeal to thieves. There are a few simple steps you could take to lower your chances of getting burgled:

  • Ensuring your house is properly secured with working locks
  • Keep your valuables out of sight
  • Lock your doors and windows when you’re not at home
  • Secure expensive items during holidays
  • Mark your belongings
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