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14 Jul 2016
Jamie Gibbs Jamie Gibbs

13 reasons why trusting your sat nav is a bad idea


Putting your complete trust in a robot – what could possibly go wrong?

Sat nav on white background

Sat navs have made driving in unfamiliar territory a doddle – even the most hapless navigator can be Christopher Columbus.

But every now and again our sat navs betray our trust in the worst ways.

You know things are bad when you’re told to pay no attention to them:

They’ve way too much banter for a talking map box:

And those "celebrity" voices:

They make it seem like child’s play:

But their accuracy is questionable:

They turn good, honest folk into accidental law-breakers:

They have literally zero care for personal space:

They think they know just what you want, but they don’t:

They force you to go on holidays you’re not ready for:

They’re so futuristic they take you on roads that haven’t even been built yet:

And on roads that aren’t roads at all:

But we carry on, through thick and thin:

Just to hear those words: “You have reached your destination”.


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