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Adam Davies

12 very British parking fails


From balancing precariously on the edge of a kerb to parking slightly too close to another car, here are some very British parking fails.

Bad parking

1. This risk-taker living life on the edge.

Bad parking - 1

2. This Mini with small car syndrome

Bad parking - 2

3. This jaunty angle.

Bad parking - 3

4. This half-in, half-out effort.

Bad parking - 4

5. These Nissan cousins who want to be more than just distant relatives.

Bad parking - 5

6. This (hopefully first) attempt.

Bad parking - 6

7. This Ford Ka parked in a part of the country where pedestrians don't exist.

Bad parking - 7

8. These bumper buddies.

Bad parking - 8

9. This greedy Peugeot.

Bad parking - 9

10. This gutter-hater in Hertfordshire, bringing new meaning to the Watford Gap.

Bad parking - 10

11. This David Blaine of cars. "And for my next trick...".

Bad parking - 11

12. This Jaguar's last-ditch attempt.

Bad parking - 12

These pictures were sourced using the #ParkingFail hashtag on Instagram and credit goes to the photographers.


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