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The best and worst Batmobiles on screen


Where does your favourite rank?

Batmobile ranking 

Our infographic takes a look at the evolution of the Batmobile in cinema from 1966 up to 2017.

There’s some hefty debate as to which Batmobile is actually the best, though. We thought we’d throw our hat into the ring and give our ranking.

#9: Batman Forever

Batmobile - Batman Forever

If there was such a thing as being too “batty”, this Batmobile would definitely be described as such.

The bat wings on top looked ridiculous, and the glowing bat symbols on the wheels were a little much.

One thing in its favour, though – it comes with a grappling hook that lets it climb up walls.


#8: The Killing Joke

Batmobile - The Killing Joke

For some reason, the animated adaptation of Alan Moore’s iconic graphic novel didn’t use the Batmobile designed by Brian Bollard. Instead, we got something that looked more like a throwback to the style seen in The New Batman Adventures.

It’s sleek and streamline, but snubbing a classic is unforgivable.


#7: Batman & Robin

Batmobile - Batman and Robin

We’re as surprised as you that this isn’t in last place.

This Batmobile has bat-symbols in the tyres so bad guys could follow the bat-tracks all the way to the Batcave.

As the film’s title suggests, there are two main characters here. It’s ironic, then, that this Batmobile was the only one not to have two seats. Sorry Robin – you’re taking the bus.

#6: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batmobile - Batman v Superman

As well as going toe-to-toe with the Man of Steel himself, this Batmobile had a brief cameo in Suicide Squad. 

The Batmobile in BvS is almost a throwback to the Tim Burton era with a slim-line, low-to-the-ground look.

And then they stuck a ruddy great big machine gun front and centre.


#5: The LEGO Batman Movie

Batmobile - The LEGO Batman Movie

Arguably the only film on this list to have given Batman a personality other than dark and brooding. 

A custom hot rod dubbed “The Speedwagon”, this Batmobile has the benefit of being made entirely from LEGO bricks.

This gives it the ability to reconfigure itself into a monster truck, and it even has a special mode for parallel parking.

Want more LEGO action? Check out our infographic on the history of the LEGO Batmobile.


#4: Mask of the Phantasm

Batmobile - Mask of the Phantasm

Taking more than a little inspiration from Burton’s design, the Batmobile used in Mask of the Phantasm was a staple of The Animated Series.

Because it was animated, this Batmobile didn’t have to obey the laws of physics. This meant it had room for a turbine jet, ejector seats and oil slick dispensers - all while maintaining that sleek design.


#3: The Tumbler - The Dark Knight trilogy

Batmobile - TheDark Knight Trilogy

The main aim of the Tumbler was to give Batman a car that wasn’t as kitsch as the ones during the Joel Schumacher years. 

Nolan’s road-legal tank was the top pick from Sean at Back to the Movies:

“I love the rugged-terrain styling of the car to give it that menacing tank-like feel.

“That aesthetic also fits in with the darker and more rugged approach that Christopher Nolan took when depicting his version of Gotham city”.

James from Filmoria shared Sean’s choice:

“Transforming it from a low-riding, slick machine of gadgetry to a heavy duty machine of unstoppable force, Nolan’s redesign was something truly special.

"It now holds its own as one of the most iconic vehicles in recent cinema.”


#2: Batman: The Movie

Batmobile - Classic 1966

This classic was the Batmobile of choice for both Karen of Blazing Minds and Alton from Battle Royale With Cheese.

Karen said:

“The 1966 Batmobile was my first introduction to Batman and it’s certainly stuck in my mind over the years.

“From its flames blowing out from the rear, to its rocket launching tubes behind the seats - it’s quite amazing.”

Alton added:

“My favourite has to be the 1966 Batmobile. The red piping, the infrared Bat-dust and the fact it was originally sold for a dollar. What a vehicle!”


#1: Burtonmobile - Batman / Batman Returns

Batmobile - Tim Burton's car

The hyper-gothic chic of Burton’s Batmobile was a firm favourite for Jon at HeyUGuys:

“It’s definitely my favourite. It looks utterly ridiculous, with a style all of its own. Not complicated, nor too realistic - it has that perfect comic-book-brought-to-life style.”

It stands apart on its own merits, but it also gets points for inspiring a number of future incarnations. Ask someone to think of a Batmobile, chances are this is what’ll enter their mind.

Take a look at our video showing the evolution of the Batmobile - from the classic 1966 car all the way up to the recent LEGO Batman Movie. 


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