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Driving in Norway


Breathtaking scenery in the birthplace of the Vikings.

Norway Lysefjorden Fjord

Hit the road

Norway boasts some of the most scenic roads in Europe – and the strictest drink-drive laws.

A limit of 10mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood means that even the smallest beer or glass of wine is likely to put you over the limit. 

If you’re found with more than 20mg you could face prison. Speed limits are also policed diligently, with radar traps and heavy on-the-spot fines.

Star drive

Norway mountains

The spectacular trip from Bergen to Kristiansund along the twisting Atlantic Road can take up to a week.

It's worth it, as it whisks you through some of Norway’s most sumptuous scenery – deep blue fjords, snow-capped peaks, raging waterfalls and a coastline dotted with shipwrecks.

Laws of the land

  • All car passengers must wear seatbelts if fitted.
  • Children under 4 cannot travel in a car – front or back – unless seated in an approved baby/child seat that is appropriate to their height and weight. 
  • Passengers over 4 years of age must be seated in an approved booster seat/restraint system or seatbelt appropriate to their height and weight.
  • In mountainous areas, vehicles travelling downhill have priority.
  • Because Norway is not an EU member you must display a GB sticker even if you have Euro plates.
  • All vehicles must use dipped headlights during the day.
  • Motorcyclists must wear crash helmets (including passenger).

Norwegian speed limits

Road types Speed limit
Urban areas 50 km/h
Outside urban areas 80 km/h
Motorways 90 km/h - 100 km/h (check signage)

Local knowledge

City in Norway

Take extra care at the mouths of tunnels – sheep and reindeer often gather at the warm-air exits and sometimes wander onto the road.

At petrol stations in Norway the red-coded diesel is for farm vehicles only.


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