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Adam Jolley

Petrol and diesel rises by over 7p per litre - but many drivers still won’t go electric


Despite fuel costs soaring over the past year, many motorists say they still aren’t convinced to ditch petrol and diesel for electric cars.

Man at petrol pump

The price of petrol and diesel is at a six-month high, according to’s newly-launched fuel price index.

The average cost per litre now stands at 119.6p and 120.5p respectively.

Drivers can expect to pay over £68 to fill up an average car

This means motorists are now paying 7.6p and 7.2p more for petrol and diesel than they were in September 2016. 

This is equivalent to a 7% and 6% price rise.

Thanks to the hikes, to fill the tank of an average, medium-sized car (57 litres), drivers can now expect to pay £68.17 for petrol and £68.69 for diesel.

A quarter of drivers disagree with plans to ditch fossil-fuelled vehicles

Despite surging fuel costs, many drivers still aren’t convinced on government plans to ban the sale of petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles by 2040. 

Over a quarter (28%) of drivers say they disagree with the proposals, according to new research by

And almost eight in 10 (79%) aren’t convinced about buying an electric car as their next vehicle. 

electric car charging point

The biggest concern among drivers is that there aren’t enough places to charge their car in their local area, even though there are over 3,800 electric charge points across the UK. 

Other concerns include how long the power will last, length of charging times and expensive upfront costs. Many say they are simply holding on until the technology improves.

Petrol still most popular fuel choice – but hybrids more popular than diesel

Over one in four (43%) motorists say they would opt for a petrol-powered car as their next vehicle. 

But in a sign things may be changing, 21% say they would consider a hybrid vehicle – a more popular choice than diesel (12%). 

Electric vehicles still have some way to go, with only 7% saying they’d be most likely to go wholly electric next.

And six in 10 (59%) drivers think it’ll take a long time for all motorists to adopt electric cars, especially if the ban is only imposed on the sale of new vehicles. 

One in 10 think all drivers should be forced to buy an electric car

Despite many drivers having reservations about the looming changes and going electric, 28% say they are positive about the 2040 proposals.

One in seven (16%) think that the ban should be extended to include used cars. And almost one in 10 (9%) think all drivers should be forced to buy an electric vehicle as their next car.

Amanda Stretton, motoring editor at, says: “The 2040 ban on selling petrol and diesel vehicles certainly has drivers divided.

“We expect many are still unconvinced about going electric because it sounds like it’s such a long way off. 

“But it could come around much sooner as major manufacturers start to commit to electric as early as 2019.

“Drivers could be missing a trick by not switching to new fuel types,” adds Amanda.

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