Scrapyard Britain

261,724 cars were reported as abandoned across the UK in 2016 and 2017. Use our interactive map to see which regions are turning into car scrap heaps.

If you see an abandoned car if your area, you can use our Report a car tool to find the right number to contact.


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Owning a car is becoming increasingly expensive, so we wanted to find out how many vehicles were being abandoned by road users.

We issued a request under the Freedom of Information Act to more than 400 local authorities across the UK for information about the number of abandoned cars reported, removed, and destroyed within their area in 2016 and up to October 2017. 289 councils responded, revealing a total of 263,637 cars were reported as abandoned, while 32,111 cars were removed and 20,551 were destroyed.

The Scrapyard Britain map allows you to explore the research. You can find out how many vehicles were abandoned in your region, how much it has risen by and see where the worst locations for the offence are located.