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Who's most Confused when it comes to naming their car?

After asking the Great British public what they named their cars, it seemed only fair to ask members of staff and out any embarassing motor names. Here are some of the highlights:’s Web Producer, Patricia McCarthy,  has a Citroen Relay van affectionately known as Brian. Brian was adopted (bought secondhand) and was christened after she noticed the number plate shows he originally came from a dealership of the same name. Previous to Brian, Patricia was the proud owner of a Peugot 406 called Pooja. That name being a tribute to bad French pronunciation.

Lead Web Designer, Martin Gray, named his Porsche, Lola. He says his car is ‘good looking but with a growly engine – it looks like a woman but talks like a man, la la la la Lola!’

David Trickey, from IT Operations, has named his car Alice. Alice can be somewhat unreliable - having a random shudder,  making unpleasant grinding noises or simply refusing to start - leading David to constantly be asking his car, ‘what’s the matter?’.  Eventually, like Martin, he named it after a song – Terrorvision’s ‘What’s The Matter, Alice?’

Hilary Law had a Ford Ranger pickup truck in Canada named Ranger Joe after a character from her favourite TV show as a child, Full House. Hilary explained that ‘in the TV show there was a woodchuck puppet, and it was called Ranger Joe. It even has a theme song and all!’

More unusual (and unexplained) names

And here are a few of the more unusual (and unexplained!) names that came out of our survey:

  • Keith Mowbray’s Citroen C3 - named ‘Little Frenchie’
  • Heledd Jones’ Peugeot 306 and VW Golf – named ‘Bruno’ and ‘Tallulah’ respectively
  • Steve Fletcher’s Renault Clio – named ‘Leo’
  • Shelley Davies’ Ford Fiesta – named ‘Norman’
  • Amit Slaich’s car – named ‘Battle Tank’

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