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Celebrity car names

It's amazing how attached we get to our cars, and here at we've shown that over a quarter of UK motorists have named their trusty four-wheeled friends, from 'Oliver' to 'The Old Lady.'

This got us all wondering, in the glittering world of celebrity, what names do the rich and famous have for their million dollar motors?

      Celebrities' car names

      •  Beyonce - Jaguar named Honeybee
      •  Obama - Ford Escape Hybrid named The Beast
      •  Lady Gaga  - Rolls Royce named Bloody Mary
      •  Paris Hilton - Bentley named Lady Penelope (it's pink!)
      •  Cheryl Cole - Audi R8 named Tweed 
      •  David Beckham - Jeep named Jeepers Creepers
      •  Peter Andre - Ferrari named Fezza
      •  Sebastian Vettel - Redbull racing car named Kinky Kylie
      •  Richard Hammond - Land Rover series 1 & 2 named Gertie and Buster
        and a 1963 Opel Kadett named Oliver
      •  Jools Holland - Jaguar Jet 1 named Jools Holland



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