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Why are driving test pass rates higher in rural areas?

Teenage girl learner driver just passed her test

Would you rather sit your driving test in the city or country? Pass rates suggest that location really does matter, says motoring journalist Maria McCarthy. 

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What powers to police have to stop and search motorists?

Police car
Motor lawyer Jeanette Miller explains what powers the police have when it comes to motorists.  Read More…

Motoring offences and when not to hire a lawyer

Gavel, alcoholic drink and car keys
When should you hire a lawyer to help with your motoring conviction? Motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller offers her advice.  Read More…

Would you pass a drug-driving test?

Pills and needle
Passing a drug-driving test might not be that easy - even if you've not taken any drugs.  Read More…

How courts decide on motor sentences

Person in handcuffs
What factors do the courts use when working out how tough to be on motor offenders? We explain all.  Read More…

Increase green man traffic light time!

Greenman crossing
Pedestrians need more time to cross at the green man, says motoring journalist Maria McCarthy.  Read More…

Road rage and the law

Driver showing road rage
Could road rage land you in trouble with the law? Motoring lawyer Jeanette Miller investigates.  Read More…

Top 10 bad driving habits

Driver with road rage
From tailgating to failing to indicate, here are your top bad driving habits.  Read More…

Should pedestrians share blame for road accidents?

Zebra crossing

New research suggests that many people take unnecessary risks when crossing the road – and it's not just children and young people who are responsible.

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Car finance traps to avoid

Car stacked on pound coins
Buying a car through finance? Watch out for these common pitfalls  Read More…

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