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Adam Davies

Smartphone, dumb drivers


Motorists admit to having had an accident as a result of using their phone while driving. Are smartphones making us dumb drivers?

More than a third of motorists admit to using their phone when driving, with almost nine per cent suffering an accident after using their mobile at the wheel.

As well as being used to make calls and send texts, smartphones are giving motorists access to social media apps, sat navs and emails while driving.

Research from shows that seven per cent of motorists have taken 'selfies' and other photos whilst supposedly in control of their vehicle.

Young drivers seem to be the biggest culprits of social media use behind the wheel.

Nine per cent of 18-24 year olds admit to using Snapchat, eight per cent Twitter, and five per cent Instagram.

Got a smartphone? Don't be a dumb driver.

This video highlights the potential danger of using your smartphone while you're at the wheel.

21 dumb #DrivingSelfies

More than 10,000 Instagram photos have been tagged with #DrivingSelfie or #DrivingSelfies since the platform launched in 2010.

These photos often carry other hashtags like #bored, #dangerous, #safedriver, #LuckyWeDidntCrash and #LookMaNoHands.

Hundreds of these driving selfies have been shared in the last month alone. Here are just a few of them.


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