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Stamp duty calculator

Find out how much stamp duty you'll pay when you buy a house

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What is stamp duty?

Stamp duty is a tax that's payable when you buy property or land. In Scotland, it's known as Land and Buildings Transaction Tax. In Wales, it's Land Transaction Tax.

The amount of stamp duty you'll pay depends on:

  • The property's purchase price
  • Whether it's your first property
  • Whether you are buying a property in addition to your own home (such as a holiday home or buy-to-let)
  • Where in the UK the property or land is

The thresholds and rates are set by the UK government in England and Northern Ireland and by the devolved governments in Wales and Scotland.

Is stamp duty different for first time buyers?

Stamp duty rates for first-time buyers can vary depending on where in the UK the property is located.

In England and Northern Ireland first time buyers pay no stamp duty on the first £425,000 of a house purchase, as long as the property is less than £625,000. 

In Scotland first time buyers pay no stamp duty or land and buildings transaction tax payable on the first £175,000 of a house purchase.

In Wales, there is no stamp duty or land transaction tax to pay on the first £225,000 of a house purchase, which is the same whether you're a first time buyer or home mover.

Do I have to pay stamp duty in one payment?

It's possible to add any stamp duty payable on your property purchase to the mortgage amount. Doing this means you avoid having to pay an upfront lump sum.

But it will add interest to your mortgage over the duration of the mortgage term and affect your loan to value ratio (LTV).

Stamp duty tax is just one of the fees you should factor in when taking out a mortgage on a new property.