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What is classic car insurance?

Classic car insurance is a car insurance policy that's specifically designed for classic cars. It works in the same way as regular car insurance, but it might be cheaper as people usually drive classic cars less. Classic car owners tend to be older with more driving experience too.

We offer car insurance for classic cars, but it's important to check you have the right level of cover before you buy. You also need to check the agreed valuation, this is what the car is worth when you take out the policy. When you find a policy, call the insurer and mention you'd like an agreed valuation. By getting an agreed valuation, you can be sure that if your car is destroyed, your insurer should pay you what it's worth.

What's the difference between classic car insurance and standard insurance?

Classic car insurance is quite similar to standard car insurance. But there are a couple of differences:


Classic cars tend to be driven less because they're not typically used for commuting. Classic car owners usually drive their cars to motor or vintage car shows. Sometimes they're just used for leisure driving.

Agreed valuation

This is the amount you and your insurer agree to insure your classic car for. This means if you need to make a claim, your insurer should pay out this amount so you can replace your classic car with something similar. You must ring your insurer when you're buying insurance to get an agreed valuation.

Agreed valuation is different to market value. The market value reflects the actual amount the car is worth when you make a claim. This can fluctuate depending on the popularity of the car, it's condition and age.

How much does classic car insurance cost?

Car make Average price*
Aston Martin
Land Rover

The average price of standard car insurance is £941(2), according to the Confused.com price index. Different factors affect the price of car insurance, but generally classic car insurance tends to be quite a lot less than this. This is because:

Classic car drivers have lower mileage

Classic car owners drive their cars for leisure purposes, rather than for commuting. They might only be used a few times a year too for car shows or events. As a result, insurance prices tend to be cheaper.

Classic cars are well maintained

Classic car owners take pride in their vehicles, and this usually involves regular maintenance by either themselves or mechanics. They're also stored securely in garages so criminals are less likely to steal them.

Classic car owners are generally older

Drivers with more experience tend to pay less for their insurance. They might have built up their no claims bonus (NCB) which can bring insurance costs down even more.

*Based on Confused.com data, average price for classic cars over 15 years old and £15,000 in value. November - January 2024.
(2)Confused.com Q1 2024 price index data.

What our car insurance expert says

"When you buy classic car insurance, the main thing to remember is to get an agreed valuation, which is different to market value. It's an agreed amount that an insurer pays to you if your classic car is damaged or destroyed. By doing this, you can replace your classic car with the same or similar model. Or afford to get it repaired."

"Finally, make sure you check your classic car insurance policy details carefully so you know you have the right cover in place."

Louise Thomas, Motor Insurance Expert at Confused.com
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Classic car insurance for young drivers

Young drivers can get insurance for a classic car, but there could be some restrictions.

Classic cars are expensive to repair or replace. So insurers might be reluctant to lower insurance prices or even offer to insure an expensive car owned by an inexperienced driver.

A standard car insurance policy for young drivers is around £2,296+, this is without the added cost of a classic car.

The reason for the high price is because young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident than older drivers. This is because they don't have as much driving experience.

+Confused.com data, October - December 2023. Average premium price for all drivers aged 17-25.

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How can I get cheap classic car insurance?

Even though classic car insurance already tends to be cheaper than standard insurance policies, there are still ways to make it cheaper:

Keep it in a secure place

If you can keep your classic car in a driveway, secure car park or garage this could make your classic car insurance cheaper. Thieves are less likely to target a car that's securely parked, it also reduces the chances of another vehicle damaging your car.

Limit modifications

Generally a car with modifications is more expensive to insure than one without. So if you can, avoid modifying your classic car. If your classic car does have a modification, it's worth looking into modified car insurance.

You must let your insurer know if you're modifying your classic car, otherwise your insurer might not pay out if you have an accident.

Increase security

Increasing your car's security by adding an immobiliser or a vehicle tracker can help to deter thieves. Some insurers might give you a discount if you have an approved alarm fitted to your car too.

If this isn't possible with your classic car, you could buy more traditional security, like steering wheel or gear stick locks.

Limit your mileage

Generally the mileage for classic cars is much lower than average, which is 6,500 miles. But if you do more than this in your classic car, it might be worth trying to reduce your mileage and potentially benefit from cheaper insurance.

Join a classic car club

You could get cheaper car insurance by joining a classic car club. To be a member of a classic car club you have to keep your car in good condition. Insurers look favourably on this and might lower your insurance price as a result.

Consider multi-car insurance

If you've another car as well as your classic car, multi-car insurance might work for you. With a multi-car policy, you can insure 2 cars on the same policy.

It's usually cheaper than insuring them separately, and it's more convenient as you only have to remember 1 renewal date.

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  • (3)Based on Confused.com data, October - December 2023.

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