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What details do I need to get a car insurance quote?

Details of the car

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The car's number plate is useful, but not essential to get a quote. Please declare any modifications.

No-claims bonus (NCB)

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Details of your NCB in years. You can request this from your insurance provider.

Details of any other drivers

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You’ll need other drivers’ names and licence details to add them to any policy.

Driving licence & convictions

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Type of licence; how long you've had it; details of any points or disqualifications from the last 5 years.

Previous claims or accidents


Date, claim cost and accident type for any accidents or claims in the last 5 years.

If you have a pickup and are looking for insurance, you'll need to use our van insurance process. This is because generally 4x4s are classified as cars and pickup trucks are not due to their longer wheel base and the fact they often exceed 3.5 tonnes.

What kind of insurance should I get? When you get a quote, we'll ask you what kind of insurance you're looking for.

There are three main levels of cover to choose from:

  • Third-party is the lowest level of cover available. It insures you against damage caused to someone else or their property, including your passengers, as the result of an accident. It doesn't cover your car against repair or replacement.
  • Third-party, fire and theft offers the same level of cover as third-party, but also covers your car for repair or replacement if it's stolen or damaged by fire.
  • Comprehensive offers the most protection, covering you and your car, as well as other people and their property.

We've covered the three levels of cover in more detail in our guide to insurance policy types.

What are the different types of insurance available?

A standard policy will usually cover a single car for 12 months. But, depending on your needs, other types are available. These include:

  • Multi-car: Insure all the cars at your address and get a discount.
  • Temporary: Short-term cover from one to 28 days.
  • Black box/telematics: Uses an app on your phone or box installed in your car to monitor your driving. Information such as when you drive, your speed, braking and handling is captured and shared with the insurance company to base policy prices on.
  • Learner: Cover for those learning to drive in their own or someone else's car.
  • Classic car: Cover specifically designed for owners of classic cars. For insurance purposes, a classic car can be any car that's older than 15 years.
  • Business: If you use your car for more than just domestic use, including business driving away from your normal place of work, you’ll need a business policy.

Price trends for drivers - who's saving the most?

In July 2017, we published the latest update to the car insurance price index, our quarterly analysis of comprehensive insurance policy pricing in the UK.

The average quoted premium for an annual comprehensive car insurance policy now stands at £847, an increase of 18% year-on-year.

This is an annual increase of a staggering £132 on drivers' premiums, making it more important than ever to shop around and compare your best car insurance prices. 

Interested in how prices for your region, age or gender have changed? Take a look at our price index calculator to get an estimated cost on your car insurance.

 Price index Q2 2017

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