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30 Jul 2018
Jamie Gibbs Alice Campion

11 shocking helmet cam videos


From rogue mattresses to oblivious drivers, some of these videos really are unbelievable.

Mattress flying at bike near miss


1. Busy road? Perfect for reversing 

‘Oh there’s a bike? Never mind, I’ll just carry on.'

2. Watch out for the flying mattress

We guess that’s one way to crack down on driving fatigue. 

3. Is this guy a superhero? 

I don’t think anyone expected this, what a landing! 

4. No planning ahead

Last-minute lane changes are extremely dangerous. This biker was very lucky. 

5. Shown the door

It might be best to check when you’re opening your door, especially if you’re in the middle of the road. 

6. So close 

This impatient driver would have only had to wait 30 seconds, 30 seconds too many apparently.

7. Look left, look right, and run across whenever you like

Great reactions from this biker, - both the biker and the child were very lucky.

8. Think bike!

That extra look could save a life. 

9. Pesky pooch 

The smell of the other dogs was worth trotting into oncoming traffic for. Why wasn’t he on a lead?  

10. Instructional video goes wrong

The very thing this biker is warning others about happens. And to add insult to injury, the driver’s also on his phone. *warning: this biker gets a bit flustered, as you would if your life was at risk, and uses some bad language.

11. Out of control!

 These motorcyclists were incredibly lucky, especially in the face of this huge lorry.

First published on the 31st of July 2017 


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