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Adam Jolley

Euro 2016: Listening to football commentary a danger while driving


Motorists admit to shouting at the radio, punching the air, and even singing or chanting when listening to sport behind the wheel.

Man shouting in carEuro 2016 could cause a rise in unpredictable driving, according to new research by

More than a third of those who listen to sport on the car radio say they feel their stress levels rise as a result.

And more than one in 20 - or 6% - say that listening to sport while driving has caused them to drive erratically. 

Driven to distraction

Football is the most emotional sport to listen to, according to nearly half of sport-loving motorists.

Nearly half of these find themselves shouting at the radio when listening to a match, while a quarter have taken their hands off the wheel to punch the air.

Nearly one in five drivers even admit to getting involved with singing and chanting.

Considering this, it’s perhaps unsurprising that nearly one in 20 say they’ve almost had an accident as a result of being distracted by sport on the radio. 

Northern Ireland drivers most likely to follow Euros

With England, Wales, and Northern Ireland all involved in Euro 2016, roads in these countries could well be awash with distracted drivers.

More than half of football fans say they plan to listen to some of the matches while driving.

Motorists in Northern Ireland are most likely to follow the tournament when out and about during June and July.

Nearly three in five - or 58% - drivers in NI will be doing this compared to just over half in England and less than half in Wales.Car stereo

One in 10 sport fans have had to pull over

For some motorists, the excitement of a match is sometimes too much to handle.

Nearly one in 10 say they’ve pulled over while listening to sport to stop themselves from crashing.

Meanwhile, a similar number say they simply don’t listen to sporting events when driving anymore because it distracts them so much. 

Matt Lloyd, motoring expert at, says: “There are many things that drivers can do behind the wheel that could be considered distracting – smoking, eating, talking on a phone – but listening to a sporting event on the radio might not come into people’s minds. 

Drivers urged to take care

“During Euro 2016, many drivers will be tuning in to hear their team take part in massively important group games and beyond.

“And while fans can be forgiven for getting caught up in the action, they need to ensure that they aren’t putting themselves and other road users in danger. 

“Drivers who feel their driving ability is being impaired by the action they are listening to should take steps to ensure their driving isn’t erratic and they aren’t putting others in danger. 

“It’s interesting to note so many drivers have taken steps to pull over when the excitement of a sporting event got too much – and let’s hope others do the same when the action becomes too much this summer.”


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