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13 shocking near-misses caught on dashcam


Some drivers are so bad they have to be seen to be believed.

Dashcam near miss

1. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice ...

Idiots - making Britian's roundabouts more dangerous since 1909.

2. Always look before you leap. Well, they leapt ...

When you're in such a rush that driving into oncoming traffic seems like a superb idea.

3. It emerged from the fog

You're meant to have more care in poor visibility, not less.

4. Only a fool breaks the two second rule.

"Honestly, guv, he came out of nowhere!"

5. Rebel without a cause

You can tell by the graffiti on the van that these guys were born to be wild.

6. Nice swerving, mate!

Quick reactions from this Aussie truck driver, though we won’t ask about that stain on their windscreen.

7. Completely oblivious

For some people, paying due care and attention on the road is filed in the brain under “someone else’s problem”.

8. Mind if I cut in?

Some people just need that little shot of adrenaline to get them through the day.

9. Confused by the idea of giving way

“Give way? You must be mistaken – all this road belongs to me”.

10. Driving on the wrong side

It takes a special kind of bad driver to drive the wrong way down a one-way road.

11. Breakdancing hatchback

"If you kids don't behave I'll turn this car around!"

12. Just a friendly greeting

You know how dogs sniff each other's behinds to say hello? Turns out it happens with cars too.

13. The magic car

And for my next trick, I shall appear at a junction out of thin air!


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