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Rhian Jones

10 people who've had enough of their noisy neighbours


Loud music, screaming children, problematic pets: the list is endless. But what irritates people the most about their noisy neighbours?

man tearing hair out

Are you in a constant noise battle with your neighbours? As much as we like to believe that we'll be BFFs with our neighbours, the truth is that often we live next to people who get on our last nerve. 

Rather than popping over to borrow a cup of sugar, these tormented folk took their anger out on Twitter.

1. When they start ruining your TV shows

2. Realising that your neighbour is a Belieber 

3. What are these neighhh-bours up to?

4. Sounds like they're having a ruff time of it...

5. Some people have no regard for the rules

6. Multi-talented neighbours are the best ones

7. Not quite a teary farewell 

tweet Caitlin Rees

8. A little help, please?

9. Sickening behaviour 

10. One can dream

Tips for dealing with noisy neighbours

If you’re struggling with nuisance neighbours, Noise Action Week, an organisation that raises awareness of the problems too much noise causes in our communities can cause, has the following tips:

  • First, think to yourself: Is the noise unreasonable and is it really disturbing you? We all hear our neighbours from time to time.

  • If you feel the noise is unreasonable, it's best to approach your neighbours politely first as people often don't realise they can be heard.

  • If your neighbour is not willing to listen, you feel you can't approach them, or you have approached them and the problem has persisted, your local council's noise team can help. More information about this is available on the Noise Action Week website.

  • Meanwhile, if your neighbours are private tenants, you may be able to resolve the problem by speaking to their landlord as tenancy agreements usually have clauses about the behaviour of tenants.


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