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30 Nov 2015
Adam Bate

Most commonly stolen home possessions


Stay ahead of burglars and minimise theft risks. Here are some of the most common stolen possessions and how you can protect them.

When you think of home thefts, it's natural to think of burglars carefully targeting your home to strip it of all of your valuables - anything from flatscreen TVs to expensive jewellery.

But it's important to remember that not all thefts take place when you're asleep or your property is empty.

A significant number of home thefts are the result of an unexpected opportunity for a thief.

For example, when a burglar passes a home and sees the front door open and the owner nowhere in sight. They could easily sneak into the home and grab whatever they can before walking out again - even in broad daylight.

In this kind of spontaneous theft, it's far more likely the criminal will target easy to carry items such as phones and tablets.

Top 10 most stolen items

Here's the list of the most popular stolen items according to the home insurance claims analysis carried out by Direct Line in 2015.

1. Bicycles

2. Mobile phones

3. Power tools

4. Laptops

5. Tablets

6. Cameras

7. Golfing equipment

8. Gardening tools

9. Audio equipment

10. TVs

Tips to keep your possessions safe

Tablets and phones often come with security features, so make sure they’re switched on.

If your phone is stolen, ring your phone provider immediately and have the line and phone blocked.

If you have a bike, take photos of it and make a note of any numbers that it may have. It’ll make the job of finding and returning it much easier for the police.

Register your bike with BikeRegister - it’s free, and the police uses it to search for stolen and recovered bikes.

Don't leave any of your gadgets lying around on tables or sideboards, especially if you have overlooking windows.

Make sure any items that can’t be kept in the house are properly secured to deter any thieves.

Things like bikes, power tools, golf clubs and gardening tools are some of the most favoured items by thieves.

So keep your gear safe and sound by making sure your shed is properly locked. Consider security features like a burglar alarm or security light for extra protection.

Protecting with home insurance

When it comes to insuring your items, make sure you include your bike or laptop if they’re worth over £150 on your policy. Plus, list any other valuables over £1,000.

Keep an eye on excess though, as you may find that your laptop is worth less than your excess. If that’s the case, you may decide that it’s not worth claiming for if it gets stolen.

If you're making a claim on your policy, you may be asked for evidence of forced entry. They may also check that some of the details on your policy document are correct and up to date.

So as long as your home insurance policy is valid and all the information is correct, the claim should be settled quickly. Read more information on making a claim on your home insurance.


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