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Household items most likely to be stolen

Selection of jewelleryStay ahead of thieves and minimise home theft risks by being aware of the household items most likely to be stolen by thieves.

The household items most likely to be stolen from your home may not be the ones you thought they were. Stay up-to-date with the most targeted items and secure your household to avoid costly home insurance claims. 

Home theft - targeted items 

When you think of home thefts, it's natural to think of burglars carefully targeting your home to strip it of all of your valuables - anything from TVs to paintings. But it's important to remember that not all thefts take place when you are asleep or your property is empty. 

A significant number of home thefts are the result of an unexpected opportunity for a thief. For example, when a burglar passes a home and sees the front door open and the owner nowhere in sight, they could easily sneak into the home and grab whatever they can before walking out again - even in broad daylight. 

In this kind of spontaneous theft, it's far more likely the criminal will target small, easy to carry items such as cash, iPhones, mp3 players or laptops. 

Commonly targeted household items 

Cash remains a top draw for thieves, as well as jewellery, as both are easy to transport. Try not to keep too much cash in your home and store what you do have somewhere safe. Jewellery will typically be in your bedroom, but storing pieces in more than one place and not putting all of it in an easily snatchable box could minimise the chance of having all of your jewellery stolen. 

Other common goods targeted by thieves include TVs and stereos, as well as expensive kitchen items. As these are items too large to lock away separately, the best defence is to discourage any break-ins to your home. Do this by fitting alarms and ensuring you don't leave your home empty for long periods of time. 

Household tools and DIY equipment also frequently get stolen, contrary to most people's expectations, so it's a good idea to keep these hidden away in a cupboard or locked garage. 

Household gadgets most likely to be stolen 

New technology has led to a different breed of home thefts. Gadgets have become increasingly desirable for consumers and thieves alike, and the most-targeted include laptops, mobile phones and mp3 players. Don't leave these devices lying around on tables or sideboards, especially if you have overlooking windows. 

Most coveted home theft items 2010 

In 2010, insurer Aviva found the top five items most likely to be stolen were: 

  • 32-inch Toshiba TVs
  • Samsung laptops
  • Sony PlayStations
  • Samsung mobile phones
  • Xbox consoles 

Keep your most precious household items covered 

While you should do all you can reduce the risk of theft in your home, it's important you choose home insurance that keeps you covered for unexpected break-ins or events. Compare home and contents insurance policies to find the best cover for the items you value most.


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