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7 things that could invalidate your buildings insurance claim

Nasty racoon

From dodgy DIY projects to unwelcome visitors, we look at things that could invalidate your policy.

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Acts of god explained

Forked lightning
We explain what an ‘act of god’ is, and how it could affect your home insurance.  Read More…

7 home insurance claims that are out of this world

Say nothing cat meme
From bomb shelters to denture thieves, we look at some of the craziest home insurance claims out there.  Read More…

11 self-built houses that will make you question reality

hello kitty house
Money doesn’t always equal taste. With enough cash, you too could own any of these monstrosities.  Read More…

13 buildings that look like Game of Thrones characters

sansa stark teaser
These buildings know exactly how the Game of Thrones characters felt during key plot points.  Read More…

7 dream sheds you'd love to own

Cliffhanger shed

Pirate retreats, art deco diners and giant treehouses, here are the best sheds from Shed of the Year 2015.

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Five smartphone apps to control your whole house

An Apple iPhone with social media software

From changing your thermostat to feeding your pet, let's take a look at some nifty smartphone apps that give you full control of your home.

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Brits predict the homes of tomorrow

Smart house controlled by an app

What will the house of the future look like? Brits want to see facial recognition security, voice-activated lights and self-flushing toilets.

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Sci-fi movies that predicted future tech

Space station home overlooking the earth

When science fiction becomes science fact - here are some eerie predictions from our favourite films.

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Newlyweds take note: Don’t start married life underinsured

Bride and groom opening champagne

Wedding dresses, rings and gifts can cost thousands of pounds. So before walking up the aisle or setting sail on honeymoon, there are a few things couples should do to ensure their new possessions are safe.

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