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Furnish your new home for less


We look at how cash-conscious first timers can beg, steal and borrow in order to furnish their first home for less.

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Quiz: Which classic Neighbours character are you?

Neighbours 2015 logo

Everybody needs good neighbours. Take our quiz to find out which legendary Ramsay Street resident you are.

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Moving home - Expectation vs reality

Expectations vs reality
Moving to a new home should be one of the most exciting times of your life, but expectations rarely match the reality.  Read More…

Checks to make before moving to a new area

Happy family moving home
If you’re looking on moving to a new area take a look at our checklist, which can help you find your perfect location.  Read More…

First night checklist for your new home

Couple sitting on the floor
All the essentials and traditions you need in your new abode.  Read More…

12 houses trashed by kids

Kids making a mess with flour
When these little cherubs get creative, mess ensues, on an epic scale.  Read More…

How to baby-proof your home

Mother and baby
For the first few years of your child’s life, their world is your home. Keep them safe with our simple baby-proofing guide.  Read More…

7 things that could invalidate your buildings insurance claim

Nasty racoon
From dodgy DIY projects to unwelcome visitors, we look at things that could invalidate your policy.  Read More…

Acts of god explained

Forked lightning
We explain what an ‘act of god’ is, and how it could affect your home insurance.  Read More…

7 home insurance claims that are out of this world

Say nothing cat meme
From bomb shelters to denture thieves, we look at some of the craziest home insurance claims out there.  Read More…

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