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6 smart ways to make money from your home

House and money
Here's some great ways that you can make earn a bit of extra cash from your home.  Read More…

10 smart home gadgets that will blow your mind

Smart gadgets for your home
Take a peak at some of the hottest gadgets right now.  Read More…

11 retro home trends that you'll never forget

Retro collage
A lot has changed over the years, but these things we'll never forget.   Read More…

Insuring jewellery and other valuables

Here's how to make sure that your jewellery is properly insured under your home insurance policy.   Read More…

Are police burglary warnings a step too far?

Coventry police finding insecure homes
Police in Coventry have been checking residents' doors. But are they taking it too far?  Read More…

Moving out - expectation vs reality

full fridge vs empty fridge
Did moving out and living on your own live up to expectations?  Read More…

11 people who've had enough of their noisy neighbours

Woman with hands on her head
What most irritates you about your neighbours?  Read More…

First-time buyers set to gain from cheaper loans

Couple with house keys
We explain how to get the right mortgage deal.  Read More…

This is what £700 per month in rent can get you in cities across the UK

swimming pool vs bedroom
Take a look at what type of property you could rent for ¬£700 a month in 11 UK cities.  Read More…

Do your appliances last long enough?

Kitchen appliances
Here's how you can prolong their lifespan.  Read More…

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