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Britain's unluckiest house number revealed

House with a red front door
Does your house number have any bearing on your property’s risk of fire, flood or burglary? We reveal Britain's unluckiest house number.  Read More…

Weather warnings: Avoid home insurance problems

Cracked window caused by storm

Homeowners should make sure their properties are well maintained to avoid home insurance claims being turned down.

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Lack of maintenance leaves homeowners short of cover

A handyman drilling though wood

Homeowners face having insurance claims turned down because they are failing to carry out basic maintenance on their properties, according to new research.

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The precious and pricey items people value and cherish at home

Sentimental value infographic teaser

Sometimes the things that are important to us are expensive gadgets and sometimes they are priceless tokens which mean a lot to us. Can the economically valuable ever be our most precious item as well?

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Weird places people hide cash around the home

Toy house with a pound coin garden path

Whether it's the underwear drawer or under the floorboards one in five Brits keep the lion’s share of their spare money at home or in their cars, a new poll by finds.

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Why it pays to review your finances after moving home

A house made out of twenty pound notes
But the good news is, there are plenty of opportunities to save money after the move by reviewing your insurance policies, utility bills and other outgoings.  Read More…

Do you trust your neighbours?

A house with a red front door
Thousands of householders are failing to take basic security measures because they expect their neighbours to help keep their homes safe when they are away.  Read More…

Social and safe?

Social media crime infographic teaser
All over the UK, people are using social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook to update their status, post photos, and check into places they go. We explore whether social media puts your home at risk.  Read More…

Home insurance: 25 things to check when buying

A row of houses
Price is not the only factor when buying home insurance. There are many areas where specific levels of cover might be important to you. We take a look.  Read More…

Burglars turn to Facebook and Twitter to target victims

A computer keyboard
Revealing too much personal information online is putting social media users at serious risk of crime, according to new research.  Read More…

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