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Why are house numbers even on one side, odd on the other?

Colourful house numbers

Ever wondered why house numbers odd on one side of the road, and even on the other? Find out why here.

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Burglary: The dangers of oversharing on social media

Image of twitter on a smartphone

Going on holiday? Our short video shows how innocent updates on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter could make your home a target for burglars.

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Average student possessions top £2,000

the contents of a student's bedroom
Going to university next month? Don't forget to insure your belongings as new research shows that the average student has possessions worth more than £2,000, including digital music players and laptops.  Read More…'s burglary experiment

A burglar's feet

To highlight the issue of home security, gave three people the chance to break in to a house and pilfer some of the UK’s most stolen items. Find out what happened here.

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Why move when you can improve?

Blue paint can and brush
When you factor in the costs associated with moving, and bear in mind that any improvements you make are likely to add to your home’s value, staying put makes even more sense.  Read More…

Video: Are you an easy target for burglars?

How to beat burglars

Is your home an easy target for burglars? It's easy to get complacent when it comes to home security. Watch what happened when put this to the test.

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Britain's unluckiest house number revealed

House with a red front door
Does your house number have any bearing on your property’s risk of fire, flood or burglary? We reveal Britain's unluckiest house number.  Read More…

Weather warnings: Avoid home insurance problems

Cracked window caused by storm

Homeowners should make sure their properties are well maintained to avoid home insurance claims being turned down.

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Lack of maintenance leaves homeowners short of cover

A handyman drilling though wood

Homeowners face having insurance claims turned down because they are failing to carry out basic maintenance on their properties, according to new research.

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The precious and pricey items people value and cherish at home

Sentimental value infographic teaser

Sometimes the things that are important to us are expensive gadgets and sometimes they are priceless tokens which mean a lot to us. Can the economically valuable ever be our most precious item as well?

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